Sample monthly letter for teachers to send to parents (free download!)

Dear elementary teachers, 

Feel free to copy this and adapt to fit your classroom. We, your students’ parents, would love some communication. Really. We want to hear from you. As an educator, former elementary school teacher and a parent, I understand how busy teachers are, but I also understand the necessity in communication to run a smooth, rewarding classroom environment and community. 

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letter from teacher

Dear Parents,

Hi! I’m Ms. Smith your child’s 3rd grade teacher. I’m really excited to begin learning with your kids! (Use this if you’re a new teacher to the classroom.)

What a busy time this is! I can’t believe how much our kids are growing in 3rd grade! We had so much fun creating new cities in our social studies unit last month–ask your kids about it. The class also did really well in our latest fire drill–I told them they were the quietest class. And we’ve been working hard to learn multiplication, so keep practicing!

In the coming weeks, we’ll focus on reading biographies and will tie in our Social Studies unit in communities by learning about how people participate in our community. In writing, we’re interviewing someone special to us and writing a biography of that person. Our science curriculum this month allows us to travel to our own backyards as we learn about composting and the environment. And in math we’re working on fractions!

This month, I could really use your help to encourage the kids to complete their homework to show their best work. That means neat handwriting, complete sentences and handing in homework on time. That also means that I want to see what they’re doing–so please don’t worry about correcting homework — I need to see what they’re learning. If you’re looking for ways to help out, I could use a few volunteers to pull together the Scholastic Book Order. We’ll also have a very hands-on activity in Science on February 23 at 2:00, and I would love a few extra hands for that, so please email me if you’re available.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at emailaddresshere.


Your Name Here

Obviously, if you’ve met the parents before, you don’t need to introduce yourself. 

Teachers, please understand. We know your time is important to you and how busy you are meeting the standards in the core curriculum and preparing for all the tests. But also understand… you have our children in your care for 6-7 hours a day. And we’re trying to help you in your lessons by being a part of the conversation. We want need to hear from you. We need to know how to communicate, how we can help, what is needed from us. And we truly want to know what our kids are learning.

Sending a simple email to parents, like the one above, should take about 5 minutes. You can send it once a month, we’re okay with that. Just give us something. We know you want us to be on your side, we know you want us to work together as a team. But we can’t do without you.

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