Lenovo highlights from CES

As a member of Lenovo Moms, I’m being compensated for this post and my time. I have not received these products, but am excited to share a few CES-Lenovo highlights.

curation of lenovo products for 2014 for families

A big part of my time at CES was with Lenovo, learning about their new product lines that will wow us all in 2014 and beyond. Our group of 10 LenovoMoms includes a pretty even split between tech bloggers and lifestyle bloggers, so when we split into groups of 4 (two moms couldn’t be there for the tour with us), conveniently (and maybe accidentally), each group was also split. This made for quite an interesting time for me. After Lenovo Ambassador Ashley shared specs and details that appealed to the tech bloggers about each product she presented, I’d intercept “okay, now say that again so that I understand.” We laughed with ease, but I reflect back, now, on how much I learned from that experience with bloggers Sarah, Christy and Kim. Our discussions taught me so much more in the tech industry than I’d considered. There, I learned the basics of QHD and UHD and, even ideal numbers of GBs. I also learned about battery life and how it correlates to internet usage and QHD screens. We talked, at length, about backing up and how and why to raid your back-up (and how important it is to do it) in your tech storage. While I learned it, I can’t say that I’m ready to explain it. Thus the many links to outside sources for you. They’re all worth the reads.

Lenovo’s newest tech you’ll want to have

The following products are launching soon in the US markets (approximate dates and MSRPs are included).

Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center



It seems a little odd that, after all the hundreds of thousands of glitzy, shiny items I saw at CES, the Beacon is one I’m so excited about. There’s no question as to why: it fixes a problem. I’ll admit to you right now, I have yet to figure out how to organize all of my tech, to keep it all in one place, safe and secure. So when Lenovo showed us the Beacon, my heart skipped a beat. You may recall that my iPhone was stolen in summer 2012. What’s more, my husband’s was stolen last fall (think my story was bad? His was stolen at SAMS Club. By the man behind him in line. And? It was an obsolete Blackberry. Who want’s a Blackberry??) My heart aches when I consider how many pictures and memories were stolen with thephones, because we didn’t back up. The Beacon will change all of that. From Lenovo:

The Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center is a storage device that allows multiple users to remotely access photos, videos, music and documents across multiple devices. Centralize your family’s media, backup you PC, or add additional storage to your PC, Tablet and smartphone’ all without a monthly fee. With our Android app, users can transform their tablet or phone into a remote control, to play or view multimedia files onto a TV with HDMI connectivity.

What makes it so great: I love that you can save your pictures, documents and other things from anywhere, so long as the Beacon is connected to wifi in your home. It’s been recommended to RAID the Beacon storage, which will give us two back ups at 3 TB each, because, inevitably, one will fail before the other and we’ll still have our information. An added bonus, the Beacon will stream to your TV, so you can send a photo of your child winning an award to your Beacon for storage and instruct your spouse, who was stuck home with a feverish sibling, to press “play” and see the video or photos you just streamed.

MSRP: $199 Available: April 2014. (Is it wrong that this may actually show up on my Mother’s Day list?)

Lenovo ThinkVision 28

all in one desktop pc android lenovo

The Lenovo ThinkVision 28 4K2K Smart Display is an Android-based monitor that won the Techilicious Best of CES Award. It’s 4K2K display, can be connected with your desktop computer unit, gaming devices and more, while hosting an Android platform. This  touchscreen monitor can act as a supersized tablet, TV, computer and gaming device for one smart display.  

From Lenovo:

Lenovo’s newest ThinkVision monitor is a 28-inch, ultra-high-resolution widescreen entertainment center, dsigned to enhance users’ computing experience. With cutting-edge “tap to connect” technology that enables quick, easy sysncing of a secondary devices to the monitor, as well as full 10-point touch capabilities, th ThinkVision 28 is not just a premium monitor but an immersive display solution for professionals and consumes alike.

What makes it so great: Computer monitors get better and better each year, and this one brings your monitor to the viewing abilities of UHD TVs. At 28″, it’s large enough to serve as a small-space TV, which would be ideal for a playroom TV/gaming station, with an added bonus as connecting to a computer when you want or need a large screen monitor. While the price is a bit high for a playroom TV, it’s on par with other UHD products, plus it has the added bonus of an Android tablet.

MSRP: $1199, Release Date: July 2014.

Lenovo N308 (Android AIO Home Computer)

n308 lenovo all in one computer

Yes, you read that right. This is an Android-based All-in-One PC. It’s 19.5″ flexible stand monitor helps it to store away easily by collapsing to lay completely flat, and it holds all of it’s data inside the single monitor piece. It also comes with a keyboard and a mouse, 2 USB ports, a card reader, mic, and a webcam. Available in both black and white.

From Lenovo:

Lenovo N308 Home Computer is a perfect balance of desktop PC performance and the simplicity of a tablet. Users can easily sync apps and data across Android devices, and also enjoy all their favorite apps on a large 19.5-inch HD+ touchscreen, with plenty of storage for multimedia. Plus it has an adjustable kick-stand with the capability to lay completely flat.

What makes it so great: During our meetings with Lenovo, there were multiple times that I said “I wish I’d known about this before I purchased the boys’ laptops this fall.” This is definitely a product it would have been worth waiting for. With little space on their desks and the bigger screens, this would have fit perfectly into our lives. And, rather than having to buy all the pieces like I did with my standard desktop, this one includes everything you’ll need at a far lower price.

MSRP: $450 (!), Release date: April 2014.

Yoga 2, Flex, and ThinkPad laptops

While I do adore my Yoga 2 Pro (see review here), I know that it’s priced out of many family’s budgets with MSRPs over $1000. Lenovo recognized that, too, and began crafting new laptops at lower price points. Among the highlights:

The Miix 2, a convertible tablet with Quad Core processing

The Miix 2, a convertible tablet with Quad Core processing

Lenovo Yoga 11, convertible laptop

Lenovo Yoga 11, convertible laptop, starting at $399.

Are you shopping for a new computer for your family? What are some of decision makers for you?

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