Family Traditions: A very Jewish Christmas… or a very Christian Hanukkah

I was excited for the holiday season this year. With the long separation between Hanukkah to Christmas in 2013, we can really focus on celebrating just one holiday at a time. In fact, while the rest of the neighborhood began stringing lights and trimming trees, Middle announced a rule: No Christmas until Hanukkah is over.


Well. That didn’t go so well. The holiday spirit, it just didn’t hit home in November. I mean, we lit the candles, we gifted, but what the kids don’t know is that on the first night of Hanukkah, I had my husband go out to get gifts on his way home from work–I just wasn’t there, yet. In seasons past, the festive feeling of the holiday season escalated in December with a house filled with joy and noels and Macabee victory celebrations. We played dreidel while Pandora played Straight No Chaser. Our Menorah candles complimented the tree lights.

Read about memories of Interfaith holiday mix-ups

Being an interfaith family adds an element of excitement. We juggle because we’ve learned how to. We don’t have a choice. We’ve learned to create our own family traditions, blending both holidays into our home. So when the calendar separates the two, it’s almost a hit of “what now?!” and a lot of “oops.”

In 2014, Hanukkah begins on December 16 and ends December 24. We’ll have our tree up by then. The house will be decorated with a mixture of the two. And we’ll be able to celebrate one holiday right into the other. I’m looking forward to our interfaith holiday season once again.

Learn how we celebrate our Eight Nights of Hanukkah

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Holiday Traditions: How Interfaith Families Mix Hanukkah & Christmas

Interfaith families have glorious stories of how they mix the holidays during the holiday season. This Friday, Shark Tank fans will learn how Morri Chowaiki blends his interfaith family as he pitches the Sharks with his creation: the Hanukkah Tree Topper. Join @MyTreeTopper for a twitter party leading up to Shark Tank on Friday, December 13. The twitter party will be hosted from 8-9 EST (Shark Tank begins at 9) using hashtags #MyTreeTopper and #SharkTank. Prizes include a $100 Master Card Gift Card. Join in to hype up the Shark Tank debut and talk about your holiday traditions.

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Geek Dad Curtis discusses his family history and thoughts on the season of celebration. (This is a raw post — I love his honesty.) “There is a good deal of confusion in the household as to which holiday practice we adhere to. Over the years it has fluctuated back and forth…”

At That’s Vandy!, Brittany shares the family rules for interfaith holidays. (Which should be a good reminder to us all.) “The kids chose to put the My Tree Topper on their tree. It’s not easy to be #interfaith but we love giving them both of our faith traditions.”

“I’ve always loved the idea of having a tree and that was one of the first Hanukkah gifts I ever got my wife when we started our life together,” says Adam at Dada Rocks as he discusses the blending of holiday traditions.

What are some of your holiday traditions?


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