Thank you, Mrs. Caum, for encouraging writing and encouraging friendship #CountlessPossibilities

NOTE: This giveaway will begin by 1 pm EST on 12/4 and end on 12/11/13.

The spring before I entered high school, like so many of the other 300ish eighth graders, I poured through elective opportunities that would soon be available. Humanities, foreign language, keyboarding, accounting… so many choices to expand my horizons. I probably read the guide at least 36 times. The area that got the most wear in that book? English. Even then, at age 14, I knew my passion: I wanted to take every writing class available.

That year, for the first (and what would become last) time, the school was opening up a 5-day a week Composition class to Freshman (it was always available for 10th-12th grades in the past. There was later discussion that it might have been a typo in the guide when it went to publishing that opened it up to ninth graders). I did something couragous: I signed up for a writing class that none of my friends elected. And on the first day of school that fall, I entered the classroom without knowing who I would see in there. Quietly, I sat in the second row, against the wall with the door a mere 4 feet in front of me. Easy escape.

As my classmates entered the room, I realized I was one of only 4 freshmen in the class: one boy I knew from middle school, one boy I thought was, well, strange, and a new boy. As I looked around, overwhelmed, knees shaking, I found I would spend the year journaling, critiquing and comparing among a small group of about 20 students, including the captain of the cheerleading squad, the school hippie (who was my babysitter only a few years before) and a trouble maker. This informal writing circle would help me grow in many more ways than my emerging writing skills, it would soon instill confidence in my inner self, give me connections for the future and offer opportunities to learn about strengths, humor and differences.

25 years later, I still remember that first day, opening my journal and writing my cliche, uninspired “first entry on a blank page.”  (Funny. Three times I typed “post” rather than “entry.”) I remember writing responses to news articles, writing letters to congressmen (in which one of the responses led to a discussion with a senior about whether or not the congressman was basically responding “thanks. Tell your parents to vote for me” which became my first political discussion with peers) and classroom debates about whether or not moms and daughters can or should be best friends.

I wasn’t very mature back then, certainly not as mature as the seniors and juniors in the class. But I took in every word Mrs. Caum taught us. She inspired me to find and express my voice. She helped me to write outside my comfort zone and offered me opportunities to further my talents beyond the general ninth-grade classroom walls.

Most of all, I look back at the relationships I made that year in her classroom (and into later years as the four freshman continued to take writing, speaking and English classes together.) I’m still in touch with a few of the classmates and realize that, with all the relationships I’ve formed in my life, the friends I took Mrs. Caum’s English Composition classes with probably know me better than most. It was under Mrs. Caum’s direction, her judgmental looks, her sighs of encouragement, that made me feel most comfortable growing in my writing and my expression.

Teachers offer students countless opportunities to grow. Through my blog, I’ve been able to thank a few of them, and can foresee many more thanks to teachers that I’ll offer, again, in the future. It’s always healthy to take a moment to think about the opportunities that teachers have offered to students. I’m sure that deep down we all have some memorable experiences we gained through our teachers.

I’m always looking to share companies who respect and give something back to teachers, and this holiday season FedEx is introducing the  Countless Possibilities Through Education contest, along with the One Rate shipping option.

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Countless Possibilities Through Education

From now through December 23, 2013, FedEx is contributing $1 to Teach for America for every FedEx One Rate transaction and for every use of #CountlessPossibilities in Social Media, up to $300,000.


In addition, FedEx is hosting a Countless Possibilibities Through Education contest. Visit this link to vote for the semi-finalist teacher submitted videos. The winning school/teacher will receive a $25,000 Grand Prize. (Information about the contest is listed on the linked page.)

I just viewed the videos and am so impressed with the passion for learning and so very saddened by the immense needs for supplies for that learning in our country. There are 5 schools from which to select–each needs something different: a science lab, materials for further education, an arts program, a library and a community garden. All five have such merit and would each be so beneficial to the goals of their school and their students. How can we select just one to vote for?

FedEx One Rate will award $25,000 to the winning school, $10,000 to the runner up and $5000 to the second runner up. I’m hopeful that others will see these videos, as well, and pitch in to assist the final two schools to help all of these children and schools.

FedEx offers new One Rate shipping–perfect timing for the holidays

With all the holiday shopping and shipping we have to do, it helps to know exactly what you’ll be spending on shipping. The new FedEx One Rate shipping option takes the guess work out. Just fill a box, pay and ship–weight is no longer a factor. This also makes life far easier for business owners and resellers–no more estimating!

Now through December 23, FedEx will donate $1 for every One Rate transaction to Teach for America. So ship those packages with pride for the holidays this year, knowing your helping schools, communities and children.

Giveaway! Two Library In A Box prize packs

One winner will win two prize packs–on for her and one to give to the teacher she nominates, a $125 value.  Each prize contains:

  • Top 5 Best-Selling Books from Amazon for kids at the grade level (for teacher packs) and kids age (for parent packs)
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Book plate stickers or a book plate stamp from Etsy
  • Letter from FedEx / Countless Possibilities

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  1. Jessica Beard says

    I would give this to my mom. She is a teacher and spends so much of her own money to help kids in need. She is always there for them and is so deserving of this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Margaret Smith says

    My son who is a 8th grader, has had the same language arts teacher on and off throughout his grade years. She has really helped him with his reading skills. Though he still struggles at times, she is positive and praises him. I would like to give a set to her.

  3. Sarah Marshall says

    My cousin Sarah is a wonderful teacher! She has a passion and joy for teaching and the kiddos just love her!

  4. Robyn L says

    I would give this to my mother’s next door neighbor who is a 5th grade teacher. She is a wonderful woman who spends a lot of her own money getting things she needs for her classroom. She has a heart of gold, a wonderful lady and I am honor to know her.

  5. Geoff K says

    I’d give the box to Mrs. Reed, the algebra teacher at the local middle school, because she’s not only a terrific role model for her students but one of the most compassionate, committed teachers I’ve ever met. She’s constantly striving to find new ways to encourage innovation and creativity in her students, and her service to the school is unbelievable.

  6. says

    To be honest I dont know many teachers in the area I live now. I wish I could nominate the teachers that taught me when I was little. But they all live on the other side of the nation. However I would nominate/give it to my little sisters teacher. Mrs. Royle a grade 7/8 english teacher at Woodland Middle school in Woodland Wa. My sister says she is a great teacher, and enjoys/likes to give books to children as well. She encourage her students to read more and to read good books. From what my little sister says she reminds me of a teacher I once had.

  7. Jessie C. says

    I would like to give a library in box to DD’s teacher in our community. She is the most kind and patient one, so good to all kids.

  8. Harmony B says

    My sons Kindergarten teacher deserves the library because she deals with kids with behavioral difficulties all day with a warm heart and understanding. As far as Im concerned shes a saint :)

  9. Kelly D says

    I would give this to my son’s second grade teacher because she is really patient with the students and he is learning a lot this year.

  10. Danielle says

    I would give it to my nieces teacher, who is in the 3rd grade. My girls really loved to learn to read and read because they started at such a young age. I believe books inspire as well as educate and the younger they are fascinated with reading, the longer they will read.

  11. Elisa says

    My daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Teaching in a low income/high risk neighborhood, to kids from some really tough home situations, she manages to somehow meet each child right where they are.

  12. Wehaf says

    I don’t know him well, but a friend of a friend is a history teacher at the local high school, and he doesn’t have much to work with in the way of resources or budget, but he’s still so inspiring to the kids.

  13. Jessica Buchanan says

    I would give the library in a box to my son’s teacher Mr. Resseguie! In less than half of the school year my son went from 1st grade reading level to 3rd grade reading level. I love that teacher because he encourages children to read more than anything else.

  14. Tabatha Carlson says

    I would give it to my sons preschool Child Find teacher. She works so well with him and I can see how much he loves her.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  15. jennifer says

    I would give this to my son’s preschool teacher who loves her kids so much that she cried the day I had to pull my son out due to finances.

  16. Laurie Emerson says

    I would give them to my son’s 3rd grade teacher. She is a Special Ed teacher and has one of the most giving and loving hearts of any teacher I have ever known. She treats each child with love, respect but most of all dignity. For the first time in his life my son looks forward to school everyday.

  17. Susan Smith says

    I would nominate my daughters 6th grade English teacher. She helped my daughter develop her love of reading and now she is in an advanced English class in High School

  18. Tamar says

    I’d give it to my son’s school librarian; she’s great. Our school is new so it would be a great addition to the library and I know she’d put it there.

  19. ROSE O. says

    I would nominate to receive the box my daughter’s middle school english teacher, Ms. Erdelles. She instilled a love of reading in my daughter that continues to this day. She always let my daughter bring home books to read out of her collection.

  20. Tanya White says

    I would give it to my daughters 3rd grade teachers Mrs, Sanchez she has done so much to increase my daughters reading, In September she was behind her peers now she is the 80th percentile in reading already, I would love to give back to her to show my appreciation.

  21. Jessica says

    My daughters 4th grade teacher is deserving. She is so kind to my daughter and helps her out whenever she is struggling with Math.

    • Rachel Ellis says

      Forgot to put why, she has really gone above and beyond.. My son has really struggled with Math this year and she has stayed after school to help him.

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