Caregiving and the importance of registering for the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry

A little over a year ago, I attended a webinar about Alzheimer’s, as the disease has been prevalent in my husband’s family history, and I was searching for an opportunity to learn more.  That week, I shared information regarding Alzheimer’s and family history.

Sadly, there is so much we still don’t know… and there is still no cure. Which is why I’m asking everyone, every single one of you reading this post, to please consider registering for the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry. It’s only through research that scientists can get further in putting together the pieces in this mysterious puzzle of Alzheimer’s and try to find not just a cure, but a way to help our brains and bodies to master the disease and, hopefully, show it who is boss. {This is a sponsored post.}



Did you know…

  • 5.2 million Americans are currently affected by Alzheimer’s and this number is projected to triple by 2050
  • Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 68 seconds

  • Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.

  • Alzheimer’s is the only cause of the top 10 causes of death that can not be prevented, treated or cured

Caregiving: Caring for others with Alzheimer’s

When I attended the Get Old Blogger Summit, sponsored by Pfizer, I learned a bit about caregiving from other attendees, like Mom Generations’ Sharon Cuoto (Sharon shares her caregiving stories here.) I learned things that hadn’t come to mind before, for example the costs of living and caregiving were increasing as people lived longer.

So is the onset of Alzheimer’s.

This fall, I began reading Creating Motherhood’s Dresden’s continued series on Caregiving as she reflected on caring for her grandmother, Millie, with whom she experienced and lived her Alzheimer’s days. Dresden’s stories are heart-wrenching, loving and helpful. Not only is she sharing, she’s educating. If you have become a Caregiver, please, read Dresden’s posts… they offer hope, guidance, love, laughs and comfort. I know that finding others experiencing life in a way you are is always so helpful, and I’m moved that she is driven to share and educate.


Did you know…

  • One in 10 adults acts as a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s disease
  • The cost of Alzheimer’s disease is projected to increase from $203 billion in 2013 to $1.2 trillion in 2050
  • Every healthcare dollar that Medicare and Medicaid spends by 2050 could be related to Alzheimer’s
  • For a person with Alzheimer’s disease, the annual cost of home care is estimated at $76,000

Join the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry to help the world learn

Last month, I attended a second webinar to learn more about Alzheimer’s prevention research and the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry. Led by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute as part of a new era of Alzheimer’s prevention research, the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry is an online community of people ready to be involved in studies to help stop the disease.

The Registry provides a platform for education and advocacy and connects members with applicable clinical trials, which often are delayed by a lack of participants. By speeding that process, the Registry is helping critical prevention research get under way faster. The Registry offers a way for anyone touched by Alzheimer’s—family members, caregivers, other loved ones or friends—to take action.

What is the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry?

  • A growing online community aimed at registering 250,000 healthy people 18 +
  • Members are passionate about combatting the disease and see Alzheimer’s as a very significant health issue
  • The Registry provides members with regular updates on the latest scientific advances and news, and information on overall brain health
  • Enrollees may have the opportunity to participate in prevention studies

Join the Registry

It’s time to be a part of the learning. If you haven’t registered for the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, all it takes is your email address and answers to a few questions. They won’t bombard you with emails. They’ll contact you with pertinent information and, if you qualify for a study they’re working on, they’ll contact you. The Banner Alzheimer’s Institute needs more growing minds to further it’s research. They can’t do that without us.

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Although Banner Alzheimer’s Institute is a nonprofit organization, I was compensated for this post and my time. Learn  more about the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry on their website, follow the facebook page  The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative and twitter at  @AlzRegistry and through the hashtag #EndAlzNow.

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel ( and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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