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I’m so very practical. All my apps for the longest time were sensible apps. There was no playing on my Tablets (I’m not a gamer… well, except for 100 Doors) unless it was little kid gaming like how to make a letter. (In fact, I listed some of the best preschool apps here.) My older kids have their own handhelds for a few reasons–the biggest being that I don’t want games on mine!


But, then, I received my Lenovo tablets and an assignment: to discuss fashion and beauty and tech all together. Oh, sure. I can discuss dressing my tablets in pretty cases and adding personalized skins and lots and lots and lots of beautiful tech bags to carry. But, in the past two weeks, I’ve formed a little hobby: checking out the many fashion and beauty apps available on Android.


There’s nothing as relaxing and time-wasting inspiring as sitting with your tablet, mindlessly pinning favorite looks while watching tv/supervising a playdate/overseeing swim lessons/waiting while your class takes an exam. I think we’ll all agree that Pinterest is the must-have app across the spectrum of all platforms. Follow stylish people, find style you love, share style you love and start your own collections and boards. And do the same with beauty. A few weeks ago, I shared Favorite Pinterest boards for Everyday Mom Fashion. And in a few weeks (okay… it’ll be December or January by then) I’ll be sharing a collection of some of the best boards for beauty.

Favorite Fashion Apps



Wanelo (which stands for Want, Need, Love) is a Pinterest-y shopping app that prompts you to find your favorite looks from a variety of designers and users, by allowing you to follow based on your likes. After, your feed will be full of fashion that you love. I promise. And you can then save it (which adds it to your feed for you and your followers to enjoy) or buy it (which, you know, costs money, but puts a happy package in your mailbox.) You can also comment on the items, asking opinions and discussing your wants, your needs and your loves.

Mr. Porter

For those who love men’s style (and men who love style) Mr. Porter is Net a Porter’s app for men. It focuses on what’s hot in men’s style and leads them to shopping their line. The sleek look makes it easy to peruse and select.


Kaleidoscope features beautiful street style. Find a look you love, click on it, and you’re prompted to “shop the look.” Kaleidoscope then finds a variety of similar clothing available at retailers from Oasis to LOFT to Versace.


I tried really hard not to include an app that specifically is only there for shopping, but I couldn’t keep Hautelook off this list. I could spend hours paging through Hautelook for great prices on great style. This app is owned by Nordstrom and items are returnable to Nordstrom Rack.


Catwalk stalkers can unite anonymously by adding Trendstop to their tablets. Trendstop uploads all the major fashion show videos and images faster than their competitors and matches the looks to links so you can buy. If you want to have tomorrow’s fashion today, you’ll need this app.

Fashion Freax

If selfies are your thing, then this is your app. Find, follow, like and comment on other fashionistas as their share their looks each day. Share your own as well. This app is a bit of a selfie-fashion-focused instagram. I’ll admit that I’m a bit concerned it may turn into an of debacle, where mean-girls start commenting and putting down innocent members. I hope there’s some sort of angel watching over the posts and comments. So, I’d warn you that it’s not for the light-hearted and hope that my fears are wrong.


The Polyvore app is just like it is on the desktop–design your favorite looks, shop them, create style collections and sets to share with followers…. Now you can do it all on your tablet.


With Stylicious you can snap pictures of clothing (at home, at the mall, etc) and use them to create new looks with other items you take pictures of or items in their files. Users are also able to shop from this app, finding styles you love on the app to create new looks. It’s a great way to mix your closet with what’s on the market.

What tablet am I using?


If you’re shopping around for a tablet, check out the Lenovo Yoga tablets in both the 8 and 10 inch versions. Their modes increase their usability and their prices are far more reasonable than many competitors. Check out my tablet post here.

As a member of #LenovoMoms, I have been given Lenovo Yoga Tablets to in order to share my experience with my readers. Come back next week for a favorite beauty and hairstyles apps post.

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel ( and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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