PlayMG (the smartphone that isn’t a phone!) review & #giveaway

Tired of losing your smartphone to kids who simply must finish their game? Me, too. Which is why the new Android-based handheld device is such a smart idea. Smaller than a tablet, this device feels just like your phone and runs on wifi–so your kids can download all of their favorite games and play them, all while you’re enjoying your Facebook feed.

playmg giveaway, android

Both our device and the giveaway PlayMG were both supplied from PlayMG.

How it works

The PlayMG operates on the Android system using GooglePlay. There are oodles of free games to download that my kids love, but it also comes with a SpendSmart Debit Card (through MasterCard) that’s pre-installed on the device. Parents can reload money onto the SpendSmart card (as rewards or allowance) and kids can use the money to purchase their favorite apps, music, books and movies. This means no more frightening charges from in-app purchases, when the debit card is empty, it’s empty!

The specs

playmg specs

This is just about the same size as my iPhone, with a 4-inch screen that fits nicely in pockets. It comes with anywhere from 8-40gb and the memory is expandable–there’s a slot for mini-SD card. So that if you need more memory, you don’t have to buy a new phone, just install a new memory card. (I love this for pictures and videos!)

Saftey, Security and Concerned Parenting

Security is important, so I love that PlayMG offers an optional email subscription program for parents. You can opt in to receive emails that report your child’s downloads, playing time, and more. You can also subscribe to other parental control programs, as Kris explains in her Bipper review.

Android Recommendations from the stars

stars recommendations

PlayMG has teamed up with TV star Olivia Holt and Basketball All Star Kyrie Irving who help kids discover new apps they’ll love. PlayMG also features a recommendation engine that highlights new apps based on what your kids use most.

PlayMG Video Review

Where to Buy a PlayMG

PlayMG is available on their website, as well as Amazon, Toys R Us, and Target.

Win a PlayMG! #giveaway

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  1. jayden worsham says

    hi i just watched your video and i think this is a really cool device im a kid so of course i think ever thing is interesting but this is just so awesome so i hope i win please!


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