Introducing Joseph Nogucci Bracelets: a meaningful gift for a friend

A few weeks ago, I received a sample mailing of a few bracelets. Quickly, I slipped them on my wrist to see how they felt and what I thought. They stacked beautifully. Their classy style could accessorize any look. And they’d also be fine on their own. But then I looked carefully and I just knew that one of these bracelets didn’t belong on my arm.


I’m all about supporting Breast Cancer Research and giving to BCSC. But I knew that this Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet should sit on the wrist of a friend who lost a loved one to this terrifying cancer, as a reminder of her love and memories.

October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month and May brings us the Komen walk, but everyday and every month there are people being diagnosed with breast cancer. It doesn’t wait for October.

Joseph Nogucci bracelets stack beautifully and many hold deep meaning, making it easy to shop for an interest or passion of a friend. Bracelet pricing varies from $19 to $99, with wraps extending to $160 (I’m kind of obsessing over the wraps right now.) These make beautiful, meaningful gifts for loved ones, teachers and friends.

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Thanks to Joseph Nogucci for the sample.


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