How to add a new font to Microsoft Office or Photoshop Elements

I love downloading new fonts to spice up my images and flyers for events. But once I download, I always forget what to do next to get the font to show up in my font drop down list in Microsoft Office or Photoshop Express. Here’s how to add a new font to your computer programs.

how to add a font to your PC to use in any software: Microsoft, Photoshop, etc.

Find a font you love from the millions out there and download the zip file. (For this example, I am using Lazy Sunday from

step 1

For lots more ideas, visit my Tech: Fonts Pinterest board.

How to add a new font to your computer programs

Open your folder where you saved the font. Do not open the zipped file. Instead, right click it. Then select Extract files. I use 7-Zip to unzip files, but you may have a different program like WinZip or File Extractor, they all work about the same.


Save your extracted file in your computer. I like to save mine to my Download file, but you should save it where you feel it’s best for your organizational style.


Open the unzipped folder (it will be a normal folder, without a “Z” or lock or zipper on it.)


There will be several files in your folder. Look for the files with a small letter in the icon, such as the “A” here. Alternatively, you may see a “TT” icon.


Now leave that file open and go to the Start Button and open your Control Panel. Select the Appearance & Personalization.

A delightfully inquisitive tour that explores the rich history and the subtle powers of fonts – Just My Type: A Book About Fonts.
Fonts surround us every day, on street signs and buildings, on movie posters and books, and on just about every product that we buy. But where do fonts come from and why do we need so many?

Select Fonts.


Now pull up the window with your font files and place the two window’s next to each other, or overlap them so that the new font files are on top. Hold down CTRL and click on all of the new font files (there may just be one, that’s okay.)


Click and drag the highlighted files into the Fonts window pane. Let go anywhere once your mouse is hovering over the Fonts window pane. You are now installing the fonts.


You can now scroll through your font files to see that your newly installed font is listed.


Open your favorite software and find your new type style in the drop down font menu.


Yay! You installed a new font! Good job!

Learn more: Tips For Working With Fonts (Typography) In Your Projects

What is your favorite type of font? Let me know in the comments!

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