What I wore at TypeA Conference #TypeACon

I’m scouring through my photos from TypeA Conference last week and realizing that, typical to form, I took so very few. Most of my memories lay deep within, but I always love reliving the conference through pictures.

Apparently, I really liked what I wore on Saturday, because all the pictures are from that day. All the same, I quickly pulled together a few Polyvores of what I wore to give you an idea for conferences of the future. And don’t forget to refer back to my related posts: Conference Fashion Rules to Follow and What Bloggers Really Wear at Conferences.

What I wore Thursday

casual to gno

Thursday was a day of fun–the conference hadn’t started yet, but Kelly and I got together with a friend from Atlanta, Ruth, for lunch at the mall and then did a little shopping and chatting. I wore my black Cassie Slub dress from Lilly Pulitzer that I’ve featured before. It’s such a simple travel dress because you can dress it up or down–from laid back in flip flops to dressed for a night out with heels and accessories. It’s all about how you accessorize this dress. (I also wore this dress to Love Loss and What I Wore 2 years ago and dressed it up.)

While shopping (in Under Armour Flip Flops, so we’re talking really dressed down for lunch) I found ballet flats at Banana Republic (yes, flats!) and they completely changed the look of my dress. No pictures, but just go with me here. When you change from flips to cute flats (a neutral green, so they will work with nearly any outfit I put together all fall and winter) it completely changes your look. That evening I attended a brief speakers’ meeting, caught up with some friends and then went to a very nice dinner with several of my besties. All in the same Cassie Slub.


What I wore Friday

Conference sessions, dinner, family time, party...

Friday was the first day of the conference and we were lucky about the beautiful Atlanta weather. It wasn’t hot. It wasn’t humid. It was a gorgeous, breezy 75ish degree day. Perfect for my winter white pants and sleeveless top. I wore this outfit (well, the top was one of the summer patterns from the collection and the shoes were similar, but I wore some in a coordinating color to the top) from breakfast through the parties, and everything in between. This was the day I learned through sessions, co-hosted a round table discussion, met my parents for a visit, attended a happy hour event sponsored by evite, enjoyed dinner with friends old and new and went to a party. Whew! I did change from the white pants to the dark legging jeans, but only because my white pants were a bit long and I didn’t want to walk in (on) them while out in town with my parents.

What I wore Saturday

Another day of conferencing, another day without changing. I was a bit more dressed up today, and I love how I pulled together this look. Saturday was a day of learning, meeting with companies I’d like to work with at the Expo, an delicious dinner party with AT&T and parties with Disney and Time to Play Magazine. (By the way, I loved this night. I loved that there was no loud music and forced dancing but it was all about networking and talking and bonding and… ahhh. My kind of fun.) I was uber-confident in this dress and it was so comfortable I never once considered changing. Gotta love a dress that can go anywhere on you.


Ahhh. The good ol’ selfie in the mirror taken with my now-retired iPhone 4.


close-up to show my accessories, which included a delish mini ice cream cone filled with key lime cheese cake and white chocolate shell. I know. Makes you want to go to #TypeACon next year just for the food, right?


I could even fly a mount in this dress (and, no Mom, there was no one behind me in this shot.)

Dress: Kyra Dress
Shoes: Kat Kitten Heel
Necklace: Pearl Fringe Necklace
Earrings: Vintage Studs
Bracelets: An Arm Party

What I wore Sunday

I traveled home about halfway through Sunday, not able to stay for the entire conference. I can definitely tell that I missed a lot. I did enjoy a casual breakfast with friends, the inspirational keynote by Gary Buchannan, a quick re-visit to the Expo, the Town Hall meeting (where I jumped up and spoke my mind) and a fabulous lunch. Then hopped in a cab and raced to the airport. To wait.

So, once again, I needed comfortable, versatile clothes. I opted for darker legging jeans (again), the Banana Republic flats (again) and an extremely comfortable top. Of course, true to all my advice of the past, I topped it all with my denim jacket because, baby, it gets COLD in conference rooms and on airplanes!

I’m hoping someone grabbed a picture of this look that I can add later, but here’s a quick collage that looks far more casual than I really felt (or hope I looked.)

conference to airport

To all of my loyal Fashion Friday friends and followers: forgive me for not including the link-up the past few weeks. I’ve been traveling on Fridays and unable to include it in my posts. I’ll have it back up here next week (if not later today.)

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      I know. Every time we passed each other with our quick “hello’s” I thought to myself, I would love to stop and chat with Amiyrah but I have to be at XYZ. NEXT time let’s plan an after-conference breakfast again, or something. That was so fun last time!


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