Counting our blessings–a quick look back at our crafting hour during the Help Our Kids Radiothon


at 6 pm yesterday, the radiothon had raised $44,246.06. The radiothon continues through 6 pm EST tonight.

My family is blessed. I know that. But how many times a day do you actually stop and think about that? You know, count your blessings? Yesterday, our family joined the Help Our Kids Radiothon, setting up a craft table and making crafts for and with patients. What an amazing experience for the kids.


We were right there where the action was–the calls were answered just a few feet from us. This truly helped the kids understand the excitement of each donation. They also learned that every dollar helps, no matter the donation size.


we created picture frames with Duck Tape and stickers, rainbow looms, door hangers and more!


Handmade gift boxes held treasures of Rainbow Loom bracelets


This little girl joined us while her mom was interviewed by a radio station. She sat down and started crafting, chatting favorite colors with Little.



If you’re in the area, listen to these stations all day for information, updates and how to participate and give to the Foundation. We were interviewed on Eagle 93.7–So exciting!

By being a part of the event, they were able to learn about fundraising and why it’s done. As Ms. Joy explained to Middle, and Middle later relayed to my husband, “a hospital is an expensive place to run. The radiothon makes money to run our programs, build the new hospital and help the kids in so many ways.”





The kids enjoyed making Rainbow Loom bracelets, picture frames, door hangers, gift boxes, decorations with uplifting messages and cards for the patients. But the most moving experiences were when patients sat down with our kids or stopped by to see what we were doing. The interaction, helping my kids to learn that kids in the hospital could be a new friend and someone they enjoy spending time with was priceless. It also reminded them that there are kids in the world who have life harder than they do–a wonderful opportunity to remind them to be thankful.


I hope the patients got as much out of our crafting time as my kids did. Already, my kids are thinking up opportunities to go back and do it again. Middle asked if we could craft there every Tuesday afternoon–and while that won’t be possible, rest assured, we’ll be back.

How to give to Help Our Kids



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