7 supplies mom needs for Back to School #ODRewards

Back to school isn’t just for the kids. Sure, I take my kids’ lists to the store, grab everything on the list (and, yes, I was the one you all heard shout “$15 for pencils!?!! What!!??”), and pay as quickly as possible to get out.

But next week, when the kids are back in school, under much less rush and pressure, I’ll take some time to do my own Back-to-School supply shopping. As much as it’s a time to refresh and reorganize the kids, it’s even more-so for me.

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7 things Mom needs for Back to School

back to school supplies mom

Writing utensils

I’ll just encompass all of the utensils here. It’s the perfect time of year to stock up on pens (for signing all those dreadful back to school forms), pencils (for when Jr. is stressing because his have all disappeared from his collection), Sharpies (Sharpies shouldn’t even need an explanation!) and a multi-pack of dry erase markers.

Desk Organizer

back to school organization mom

This has a lot to do with pretty. We all need something fresh and new from time to time as motivation. Fall is a great seasonal decorating time, so why not add a little decorating to your desk? It’s time to move on from the boring black mesh pencil holder that’s been in your work station for the past few years (go ahead, blow off the dust real quick, I’m not looking) and get something fresh, new and welcoming.

Office Depot carries the See Jane Work line, which I’ve admired for years. Check out the beautiful, coordinating collections and ideas for organization.

Update your computer and accessories

This isn’t something you’ll want to do every year, but if you or your kids are going to need a computer, Back to School Season is a great time to buy because a lot of stores are finishing up their summer sales. This year, we’re buying new laptops for the boys, and I was having trouble trying to find reasonable laptops with CD/DVD drives that they wanted, so they could upload their music to their iTunes accounts. That’s when I clued in that I could save money buying an external DVD Drive for both of them to share, when needed.

Other computer-accessories to consider updating include a wireless mouse and keyboard and a fun new mousepad with a wrist rest to promote healthier wrists.

Travel Coffee Mug

Don’t even try to argue that a travel coffee mug isn’t a school supply. I’ll be driving my kids to school 5 days a week this year, because the bus comes too late, and I can promise you it’s a back to school necessity around here.

Student Work Organizer

It’s taken me a few years to figure out the best filing system for our family. Lots of bloggers offer advice that works for them. What I’ve found is that you need to do what works best for you. Last year, I purchased a hanging file holder and hanging files.  I start out the year with just 2 hanging folders per child–one for official notes like medical reports, testing scores, report cards and IEPs and one for school work we want to hold onto.

I file everything in these all year, and, at the end of they year, rubber band them and put them into storage in the basement. This way, they’re already filed by child and year. (Be sure to get the extra capacity folders.)

Note paper

I promise, you’ll write a note to school. A  note? I promise you’ll write at least a dozen notes to school–likely more. And whether it’s a quick thank you, a note to ask the teacher to clarify the homework, or request that Susie get off at Ralphie’s bus stop, don’t let yourself search for notepaper as a part of the morning rush. I keep a personalized pad of notepaper in my kitchen, right by my sink. It’s colorful and pretty, so it doesn’t become an eyesore. Don’t want to go personal? Get a pad of pretty paper or a box of notecards.

3 x 5 cards

I use 3 x 5 cards all the time around the house, but especially when it comes to my kids, school and homework. They’re great for quick notes of encouragement to pop into their lunch boxes or pockets, perfect for homework help and will always come in handy when we’re need a quick 5 minute activity around the house.

Anytime one of the kids needs to know how to spell a long word, I help him think it out first on a card, then copy down the correct spelling into his school work. We use them for math practice, spelling words and letter games. We use them to figure out priorities when there are a lot of things to do (stacking in order of importance) and outlining report topics. 3 x 5 cards are also great for word games, letter games and puzzles. And it’s always so easy to play a game of scribbles.

Office Depot is the shopping destination for moms and kids for Back to School

With a variety of colors, styles and items available, Office Depot is the key shopping stop for moms and kids at Back to School, and throughout the school year. Look for fabulous style from See Jane Work and Great Papers! and trendy branded  limited edition supplies from One Direction. Match that with fabulous prices and you’ll find it’s easy to do all your back-to-school shopping at Office Depot.

Before you shop, check to see if your school uses Office Depot’s School Supplies Checklist that provides 5% back to schools and allows parents and schools to earn free supplies to alleviate out-of-pocket expenses for teachers. Teachers can create a School Supplies Checklist with their corresponding school code so that shoppers who use their teacher’s list can help their schools get 5% back for free supplies. (If they don’t, be sure to suggest it for next year!) 

Office Depot provides a school supply checklist, which is a great way to start supply shopping, whether for home or school.

Before you shop

If you haven’t yet, sign up for Office Depot Rewards program to benefit from spending. This loyalty program gets better as you shop more, making Office Depot your one-stop shop for supplies all year long.

I am participating in the #ODRewards campaign sponsored by Office Depot. For more information, about Office Depot Rewards, visit their website.

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