BYOWine with Black Box Wines: I’m a boxed wine convert

I’m happy! Really. I’m a very happy person. I’ve mentioned this before. As you may recall, my husband and I are working on this relationship program and the first challenge was to create our own happy list. I’m totally working through my list, which is awesome (just updated my progress on the post so click on over.) So, one of the happy-goals was to take a painting class with friends, which I did and I loved. Seriously. I’m already planning to go back. Lots. We scheduled our girls night at Painting with a Twist, where around 30 attendees are set up with an easel, paints, an instructor (thank goodness!) and a goal picture.

Here was our goal:

painting with a twist funky tree

Funky Tree as painted by our instructor, Michelle

And the progress:


This should have been intimidating. But I had a little help starting from the instructor (honestly, I kind of wish I hadn’t had her help, I would have liked to start on my own. But she need an example. So it was me. I suppose her help on starting helped me get over any anticipation I would have had. NEXT time, I’ll start the blank one and let you know how it feels.)


So, Michelle did the green part, I did the rest. Not, bad, right? This part alone taught me so much about painting.

This is Jess. I call her "the master." Talk about superior talent. If she weren't so fun, she'd be intimidating to paint next to.

This is Jess. I call her “the master.” Talk about superior talent. If she weren’t so fun, she’d be intimidating to paint next to.

And my finished product:

painting with a twist

Not too bad for a first time, right?
(oh, and see the red wine and the stain on the table? Yes, I spilled my wine. Caution to all: do not try to lift your easel!! The wine is wonderful, but red wine stains straw bags.)

And, the best part, the wine (with a little back story to make you laugh, or roll your eyes. whatever.)

For a few weeks, I’d been a bit jealous of Emily’s fun nights at her local painting place. She filled her thread with pictures of her masterpieces. And she kept talking about wine. Black Box Wine, to be specific. So, you can say she inspired my happiness goal and my night out.

Now, there’s a bit of a back-story here that I have to share, and not just because my husband told me I had to. See, in college, I went to a date party (believe me, I have no idea which one because I can hardly remember this night, but I do remember my date. He was a trooper! Thanks Will!).  Anyway, it was a BYO party at a warehouse (that’s the way we did theme parties back then) and I either had a fake ID or I just easily kept sneaking drinks at the time. Either way, you get the point that I was drinking underage, right? So, Will brought along a box of wine, because they were convenient and new and we just had to try it. Plus, the intention was for us to let off a little college steam. You know. Relax. Okay. Get drunk.

Let’s zoom ahead about 10ish years and just tell you that, when my husband (he might have even been a boyfriend back then) once mentioned the idea bringing a box of wine to an outdoor event I nearly puked, again. The memories of that night in college are hazy. I mean… I remember the color of the floor on the bus, if that says anything. I made my husband (boyfriend?) promise to never, ever buy me a box of wine. Not to even mention it again. But, then, Emily had to start raving and raving about this wine.

The 2 boxes of wine that Black Box Wines sent for my friends and me to sample at our Girls Night Out.

The 2 boxes of wine that Black Box Wines sent for my friends and me to sample at our Girls Night Out.


This wine. In a box. A black box. And, for the most part, I ignored it in the beginning. I mean, how could wine in a box have actually gotten good? But she kept telling me (via Facebook posts, instagrams, tweets…) it was actually good wine. As in, she would drink it in the evening at dinner. Or she’d take it to a BYO. Or a BYO painting night. In fact, she did all that.

So, now my husband is annoyed because I trusted Emily’s advice and not his on boxed wine. But. Here’s the big difference. Emily had tried it (because her spouse probably didn’t have a bad boxed wine experience in college and outlaw it.) Anyway, I was introduced to the people at Black Box Wines and, after more chatting, they offered me a taste, in the form of a box of red and a box of white to share with my friends. (One of whom had tried Black Box Wines before. But the rest of us were new to the sips.)

Black Box Wines easy pour spot pops out of the box, then back in when it's time to store it, or you're ready to leave your party.

Black Box Wines easy pour spot pops out of the box, then back in when it’s time to store it, or you’re ready to leave your party.


Not only was the wine good, really good, actually, but it was the perfect thing to bring to an event. It traveled well, it sat neatly on the table and served without spillage and was so easy to share with friends. There was more than enough–each box holds the equivalent to 4 bottles (I’m the lucky one with leftovers in my fridge and on my counter) and it stores well–up to four weeks, though I didn’t test that. There’s no need to test longevity in wine when there’s good wine on your counter.

part of the trick of Painting with a Twist is that sipping wine relaxes you through the evening, so you aren't as stressed about your evening. Here's a glass of the Black Box Wine Sauvignon Blanc

Part of the trick of Painting with a Twist is that sipping wine relaxes you through the evening, so you aren’t as stressed about your evening. Here’s a glass of the Black Box Wine Sauvignon Blanc.


Black Box Wines surprised me in changing my impression of box wines–this is definitely a higher class of wines than the old boxes. And they’re perfect for self-serve events, BYOs and to have in your kitchen. I have loved not having to pop open a bottle and worry about ruining it if I leave it out too long. Dinners when I just want a glass, I can use the easy pour spout to serve myself that one glass.

Thanks to Black Box Wines for providing the wines for our girls night out last week.

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel ( and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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  1. says

    How fun! I have yet to try one of those painting classes, but they do look fun.

    Emily converted me too. Not only is the price right, but I love that it stores so easily and for so long. Since I only enjoy a small glass most nights it’s great that I’m not wasting most of a bottle.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Summer’s End

  2. says

    Dear Julie,
    Sounds like you had an enjoyable evening with friends and a little wine from a Black Box to make it complete! The painting of the tree is beautiful. Everyone in the class be amazed, and proud. They should have a photograph of it in remembrance of the special social event. Even though your experiences with wine were founded on a sub-optimal origins, it sounds as though it rekindled a social outing that was enjoyable, exponentially!

    William (Bill) Roberts Staplin


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