Meal Plan: March weeks 3 & 4

Okay friends, I’ve spoken with a few of you (well, “spoken” so to speak) and I’m so happy that many Julieverse readers wait for their meal plans to arrive in their inboxes each Monday morning for help with planning meals. (Seriously, this thrills me to no end and makes me smile to know that several friends will be sitting down to Roasted Salmon with Pesto Vegetables with us tonight.) But I’ve also heard that some of you would prefer to plan your meals on Sundays or even earlier in the week and don’t want to wait until Monday around 10 to receive the meal plan. I totally understand.

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So here’s how we’re going to try it. Each week, I’ll publish two weeks of meals: this week, and the next week. This will give you somewhere between 7-10 seasonal meals for two weeks. You can pick and choose, move your meals ahead, plan for two weeks at a time or save it and use next week’s meal plan to plan out your shopping over the weekend, so you’re all set before Monday.

So if you want to do your planning and shopping this coming Saturday, all you’ll have to do is grab the meal plan post and look at March week 4, because you already received it today. And then, Monday morning, you’ll get a new email with a repeater of March, week 4, as a reminder of what you’re eating all week (even though you may have already done the shopping) and you’ll have a sneak peek at April, week 1–so you’ll be set to plan your meals and shop when you want, and not rust on Monday morning.

Let’s give it a try for a few weeks and then we’ll reassess and see if this is working better. So, please, I need you to leave me a comment, shoot me an email, tweet me @juliempron, comment on Facebook, whatever and where ever so I know if this will work better for you or if it’s too confusing or, really, if you just don’t care.

So, let’s give this a try. Here’s what’s cooking on our menu plan for dinners this week (and the next):

New to Meal Planning? Read my post How to Meal Plan in 5 Easy Steps on Marie Callender’s Blog.

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Menu Plan: March week 3

Monday: Roasted Salmon with Pesto Vegetables *
Tuesday: Creamy Spinach Enchiladas
Wednesday: Slow-Cooker Squash Lasagna
Thursday: Leftovers
Weekend: Pizza;  Chicken, Bean & Cheese Quesadillas

Menu Plan: March week 4

Monday: Microwaved Chicken Parmesan Soup (from Pampered Chef’s Season’s Best Recipe Collection, fall/winter 2012)
Tuesday: Asian Beef with Mandarin Oranges (Slow Cooker)
Wednesday: Salmon Tacos *
Thursday: Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata
Weekend: mini-ranch burgers

Menu Plan: Passover week

Bonus! Passover begins Monday night, March 25. For those of us observing, here’s a great Passover menu plan for the full 8 nights.

Salmon shopping tip!

We eat a lot of salmon here (we call it pink chicken and everyone is happy.) Salmon is often less expensive when bought at the fish market in bulk. Ask the person who is wrapping your fish to please divide it into two equal packages (our family usually eats 1.25 pounds at one meal, so we ask for 1 1/4 pound fish in each package) and wrap one for freezing. He’ll usually double wrap this so that as soon as you get home, you can put that one in the freezer and pull out the following week.

Salmon’s so expensive I’m always looking for ways to save–even if it’s only $.50.

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