Poptropica for Nintendo DS video review

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review of Poptropica for Nintendo DS

Last week, I sat down with my nine-year-old son, Big, to share what he thinks of Poptropica for Nintendo DS.

Big’s top 5 reasons kids will love Poptropica for DS

Mythology Island

If you don’t know a lot about Mythology you’ll learn a lot here. The big Greek gods are represented and you need to defeat Zeus to complete the island. If you love Mythology (like I do), then you’re getting to play against some of the gods that you’ve been reading and learning about.

All the great parts of the online world are in your hands

You can bring Poptropica and a lot of the games with you when you go places. This game has a lot of the Poptropica.com world and it’s easier to control than on the computer.

You don’t have to be a member of Poptropica.com

My mom and dad said that I have to pay my own money to join a lot of the online games. Because I have Poptropica for my DS, I don’t have feel like I need to pay to join online.

There’s a lot to do

This isn’t the kind of game you play one time, all the way through and then you’re done. There are things to do on each island, so you can play again and again. It gets easier, but it’s still fun. And you can unlock mini games along the way.

The end has an arcade

I haven’t played this yet, because I haven’t finished the game, but my friends tell me there’s a cool arcade at the end. They said that what you play is based on your game, so it might be different for me than my friend. I think mine will have a lot of Mythology.

And what Mom thinks

Personally, I love any DS game that has quick-to-complete mini-games and segments so that when we say “you only have 20 minutes of screentime, the kids can’t whine that the game takes longer than that. Additionally, this game lets kids learn as they play, so that’s a huge bonus.

Poptropica Adventures is available at Amazon.com, where it’s currently priced at $29.99.

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