Picture books: 3 of our favorites

As a gift to my newborn niece, I asked the kids to each select a favorite children’s book that they would like to gift to Cousin E and explain why. To make the gift special, the kids wrote messages to their new cousin inside the front cover of each book. Here are 3 of our favorite picture books:

Tickle Monster –Big, age 8

best picture books for preschoolers

This was a first birthday gift to Little. We read it that night. We read it the next night… and it’s almost a year later and we’ve almost read it every night since. Everyone in the house chimes in and “reads” the story together and there are times when I catch the kiddos reciting the lines at random. Tickle Monster encourages interactivity, giggles, hugs and tickles!

I thought she like it. Our family likes to read it together so now her family can, too. –Big, age 8

Little Quack–Middle, age 6

favorite picture books for children

When Middle selected Little Quack (without even a second of hesitation) I wasn’t surprised, at all. Even at 6, he still looks for it at the library, every single time. The illustrations just wow me each time I open this book (which is a lot.) It’s amazing how much personality a little duck can have. The words are cute, rhythmic and simple, but when you tell the story with the pictures, you can add so much detail from the expressions. This is the first in the Little Quack series–we own all of them.

I like it. I knew she would, too. –Middle, age 6

Pinkalicious–Little, age 2

favorite baby gift for little girl

This one came as a surprise. When I asked Little which book she wanted to gift to Cousin E, Little said “the pink princess one, because she’s a girl and she’ll love princesses like me!” Hmm. That left about a million books to choose from, and I was truly expecting her to say “Tickle Monster!” So, we went to her room and searched through her 3 book areas, finding nothing. Together we went to the basement and looked through our book shelves and book boxes there. Nothing. Finally, I packed up our things and ventured to the bookstore where, instantly, Little picked up Pinkalicious and said “this book is for Cousin E!” Interesting… because we didn’t own the book.

Together we read Pinkalicious, about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink! Rather than buying just one copy for Cousin E, we had to buy two so that Little would have her own copy. And now we read Pinkalicious. A lot. And we make pink cupcakes. And we haven’t turned pink, yet.

I like Pinkalicious because it’s pink and she’s pink and I’m on the playground. –Little, age 2

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