Five YouTube tips for video blogging

Most vlogging moms upload to YouTube, and that’s with good reason. YouTube is highly searchable. Here are 5 YouTube tips for video blogging that will help increase your video reach.

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Take advantage of your YouTube keywords

YouTube is owned by Google, so a properly keyworded YouTube video is more likely to show up in a google search before the link to your site. Additionally, Joe-Google-Searcher is more likely to click on a YouTube link than a link to your post because it shows up first and seems user-friendly and recognizable, so you need to make sure that he clicks on your video and not another… by keywording. Yes, by uploading to YouTube you are providing competition against yourself–but it’s far better that your video and your post are both in the top ten than your competition.

Your YouTube statistics can (and should) be included in your Media Kits and About pages on your site. They’re a part of your promotional and influential power and a large part of your brand.

So, if posting on YouTube brings people to YouTube, how do I get more people to my website?

A little known fact: You Tube will only provide a hyperlink if the URL is in the beginning of the description. You should always, always, always start your description with a link to your own site. After your URL, remind your new viewers to visit your website:  “ <– see more of Julie Meyers Pron’s parenting tips and how to videos at Julieverse at Just Precious.” Then add a heavily keyworded sentence about your video.

How do I make money on YouTube?

There are two prime ways to make money on YouTube: GoogleAds and Affiliate Links.

  • Google Ads/Adsense. After your video channel has achieved a certain amount of accredibility (determined by YouTube and Google’s mysterious algorithm), you’ll be invited to monetize your videos. After you accept the invitation, you’ll be prompted on each video to decide whether or not to monetize. Take care to only monetize videos that do not use copy-written elements (such as songs, TV, quotes from books, movies, etc), do not include paid product placements and do not have graphics that would confuse the eye when an ad is laid over. Google Ads take about one-third of the YouTube screen as an overlay. If you don’t like how the ad is performing or the way it looks, you can always take it off.
  • Affiliate Links. Missy Ward of the Affiliate Summit shared this tip with me at SheCon11: Always include affiliate links to any product you discuss or use during your videos. Viewers are watching you to see what you can do, and when they fall in love with your demonstration, they’re going to want the product. So sell it to them! In this case, you’ll want to include the affiliate link at the beginning of the description, and not your site link. Because you want the money before the link juice.
  • YouTube Ad Networks. Just as there are networks for blogs there are ad networks for vlogging as well. (Disclosure, I am a member of MomPulse a video-based ad network for Mom Bloggers.) Here’s a TechCrunch article with more information.

Get more followers

It’s very easy to subscribe to people’s YouTube channels: just find a video you like and click “subscribe” above the video. When you subscribe to a channel, their feeds will be sent to you and will appear on your Channel page. This makes it easier to view those you like and to share with those who like you. Not only are your videos shared with your subscribers, but also the videos you “like.” When you follow another vlogger, she’ll be prompted to reciprocate and follow you back. Not only will she then begin following you and receiving your feed on her channel, but others visiting her channel will see you featured on her list of following. If you’re looking for mom bloggers to follow on YouTube, check out our membership at #VlogMom.

And you should totally subscribe to my channel… I’ll follow you back, too. In fact, I find that the majority of people I subscribe to, subscribe back within the week. So get out there and subscribe to 20 vloggers today. Let’s see what happens.

Why are you still sitting here? Practice!

Video blogging is fun, but it’s also nerve-wracking, intimidating and it feels a bit self-centered. Most vloggers wonder what they can do to increase their skills. The easy answer: practice! But practicing is awkward… who wants to just jump on screen and start talking about random things, right? A few other bloggers had the same thought, and decided it would be much  more fun to practice their skills together. At #VlogMom, bloggers ask a question of the week and answer it each Thursday, linking up on each other’s sites, watching each other’s YouTube videos and sharing vlogging tips in the comments.

Julieverse at Just Precious readers have seen #VlogMom since it’s first week and I’m so proud to share with you our new webpage which acts as a hub for all things #VlogMom. There you’ll find next week’s topic as well as video blogs featuring our bloggers.


mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel ( and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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