Shared history with Mom

My mom and I share a lot of history. All moms and daughters do. Tonight I spent some time on Facebook looking for pictures that would share that history with you. I came across this one, which is funny because to most people, it’s a blurry picture of graffiti.

But to Mom and me, it’s so much more.

shared history mom

I went to the same overnight camp that my mom attended about 25 years before. We sang the same songs, sat at the same campfires, played the same games… While we were there at different times, we lived the same experience. We were raised on this experience and it helped to form both of us.

At our camp, it was a tradition to sign the walls. The director hated it, the campers loved it. Loved it–we made our mark on history. And we knew that in 20 years when we’d come back to visit, our mark would still be there. I recall one year I wrote a letter to my future daughter on the wall by my bed. Sadly, most of those notes and marks have been sanded down and painted over. But one bunk, the Senior bunk that belongs to the 15-year-olds, still has all of the autographs and signatures. It still has the history.

In 2008, 19 summers after my “Senior summer,” a friend went back to camp to visit. She spent a good deal of time in the Senior bunk, taking pictures of all of the walls, making sure she had pictures of the names that meant the most to her. That night, this picture appeared on my Facebook wall.

A picture of an amazing history that mom and I share.

This weekend, we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day, miles and miles from each other. But because we share our history and traditions, it’s memories like these that highlight Mother’s Day. And, to celebrate, I’m always looking for unique Mother’s Day gifts, like a gift card to YesVideo, which Mom and can use to transfer old pictures of our shared history.

Thanks to YesVideo for sponsoring this post and reminding me of some fabulous memories with Mom. Follow @YesVideo on twitter and Facebook. I love interacting with them as they pull at your heartstrings with stories of memories through images.

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  1. Janie Lam Meyers says

    Tears streaming down my cheeks. I am truly touched by your writing and love all the memories it has brought back to me. Happy Mothers Day to you – my daughter!
    Love you!

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