Children’s Book Week

How can you celebrate Children’s Book Week in your home or community?

activities for reading

Read together

Pick out one of your (or one of your parents’) favorite books from childhood and introduce it to your child at bedtime.

Go to the library

Spend some time at your local library.  Even a few minutes here and there in our busy schedule will help instill a lifelong love of books.

Get writing

Write a book! Sit down with your family and write a story together, taking time to illustrate it. Surely, this will become a family favorite.

Donate books

Pick out 5 books, either from your own collection or from a book store, to donate to literacy campaigns throughout the world–your bookstore can likely lead you to a place in need of books. And your school library and classroom will welcome your books.

Clean out your library

Take some time this week to sort your children’s book library in your home. Delight in some old favorites with your kids. Then select a few books to share with friends, your child’s classroom or a local doctor’s office or hospital.

Host a book swap

Ask each child to bring a few books that she is finished reading to trade with friends. Everyone goes home with exciting new stories to read.

Have a book party.

Invite your children’s friends over for a party of reading together. Everyone can bring a favorite book (or excerpt) to read to the group. Ask the children why they selected that story, what it means to them and lead the children in book conversations.

Children’s Book Week

While I truly believe every week should be Children’s Book Week, I do recognize the good that many organizations are putting efforts towards this week in that they are spreading the love of chlidren’s books and helping children to love reading. In honor of this special week:

  • Better World Books is donating a book to someone who needs it (the vast majority of donations goes to Books for Africa and Feed the Children) for every book purchased at their site. They’re also reducing the price on a huge selection of used children’s books.  Shop their Children’s Book Week sale selection and get 3 used books for $9, and any additional used books for $3 each.
  • Rusty & Rosy (disclosure: I write for their parenting & education blog) is sending everyone who “likes” their facebook page through this link a free copy of Henny Penny.
  • Book Week Online, the official webpage of Children’s Book Week, hosts ideas and activities to celebrate reading.

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