Where's your panic button? Emergency app for your iphone or droid

Do you have a panic button? An emergency app on your iPhone or droid? You should. You should install one right now. Because, as dreadful as this is, you  just don’t know what will happen to you on your morning drive.

A terrifying thing happened today. A very good friend was in an accident on her way to preschool drop-off. She and her son are fine, and she was able to call her husband right away. Everything went just as it should, when it has to in the case of an accident. The police and ambulance arrived promptly, friends drove by to help out… just as we all dream will happen when we’re faced with a nightmare.

But there are times when nightmares happen and things aren’t so easy. I was in a car accident when I was 19. I didn’t have a cell phone back then. In fact, no one did. Some parents had carphones, you know, the ones that are strapped next to your dash board? Induced by stress, I started running in circles in the middle of a big intersection, screaming for help. Mobile, I was okay, but the other driver’s car had flipped over and she was hanging upside down. (Sidenote: she was also pregnant, but I didn’t know that at the time.) I lost count of the number of rubber neckers driving by slowly. Finally, a kind woman stopped, pulled over and let me borrow her cell phone. She calmed me down until my parents arrived. They got there before the police. They actually called the police to report the accident–from their home.



bSafe by Bipper

Wow. 19 years later, the world has changed. Now we have phones in our pockets and access to emergency contacts immediately. After this morning’s accident, I installed an app to my iPhone that I learned about in August: bSafe by Bipper. It’s been a hit in Norway for a while, developed as an Android app, and now available for itunes as well.

bSafe allows you to set up 4 emergency contacts who, when you tap the panic button, are immediately alerted to your GPS location via text. It also automatically calls one designated emergency contact with the information. So you can set your phone to alert your husband, your best friend, your mom and your neighbor that you need help–it only takes 2 taps: one to open the app and one to press the red button.

My kids don’t yet have cell phones, but when they do, this will be the first app I have them install so that they’ll have that panic button with them at high school football games, when they’re driving around town (I dread that), and later in college and beyond.

bSafe is free to download, here’s how

There are 3 options for downloading bSafe:

  1. Enter your phone number on this page and download via SMS
  2. Search for bSafe using the iTunes or the Android Marketplace
  3. Text bsafe to 84145
I’m going to let you do that now–before you do anything else.
This post is sponsored by Bipper.
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