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I love entertaining friends. I love the idea of planning, getting set-up and surprising with the fun things we have to eat and experience. But I really like having easy, easy parties. So when I was asked to host a Ragu party, I wanted to go easy. While I first planned a spaghetti night, I was inspired by Ragu’s instructions for grilled pizza and hosted a Make Your Own Pizza Party.

It couldn’t have been easier. We invited our very good friends, Mike and Stacey and their family, to join us for a last hurrah of the summer. Appetizers included mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and prosciutto with a little Ragu for dipping.


I prepared for the party earlier in the afternoon by preparing the appetizer plate and grilling vegetables directly on the grill–a trick it took me most of the summer to make a talent. That bag of Sweet peppers in the back of the image, above, has been one of my favorite finds all summer–it’s a bag full of mini red, orange and yellow bell peppers, perfect for snacking and cutting up for parts of dinner.

Picnik collage

We sipped wine while the kids played in the yard for a while and about 5 minutes before dinner I prepared the Boboli pizza dough by grilling it, lightly, face side up. We took the kids to the buffet where we had every favorite pizza topping you can imagine–pepperoni, sausage, hamburger meat, cheese and fresh vegetables from the local shops. Of course we used Ragu sauces– pizza sauce and a variety of pasta sauces were available.


The kids decorated their pizzas and were so proud of their product. Being kids, they really only had pepperoni, hamburger, sausage or just plain cheese pizzas. The adults were a bit more creative in our toppings, but by the time we were ready to grill the adult pizzas, I was finished taking pictures.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

A Make Your Own Pizza Party is a fun way to entertain family friends, and here’s the big news, you can host your own party! I’m giving away a $300 gift card from Ragu to one of my fantastic readers!

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  1. says

    My girls love spagetti. LOVE spagetti. I would be delighted to throw a spagetti party. Sounds silly… it would be AMAZING!!!!! And who better to represent than RAGU???

  2. says

    I think making different meatballs for a pasta dish would be great (using turkey, ground steak, ground beef and different types of lean beef) for a taste test of which test the best

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  3. Diane says

    My Italian grandmother gave me the best lasagna recipe. I’ve been making it for my family and I always use Ragu sauce in it. I’d love to have a lasagna party for family and friends!

  4. says

    Oh a pizza party would be great since we all love different things on our pizzas. But when I think of Ragu I think of another family favorite – spaghetti! I think a pasta party might be a fun idea too. :)

  5. says

    I would make baked ziti with ragu marinara and meatballs for my Ragu party! In fact I usually make meatballs and use Ragu for my son’s birthday party.

  6. shauna casolari says

    I love pizza, so it would definitely be a pizza party. Besides making regular pizza, one thing that I absolutely love to do is to make portabello pizzas. I get the biggest portabello mushrooms I can find, flip them over, fill it with sauce, add toppings, and cheese, and cook just like a pizza. It’s the most amazing pizza flavor with a very different crust.

  7. says

    My idea for a Ragu party would be a make your own lasagna party using Ragu sauces. Pre-cook the noodles ahead of time, and have the kids do the meats, cheeses, sauces, etc. Sounds delish!

  8. Joanne Schultz says

    I think a spaghetti party would be fun! Have different types of sauces heated up, cooked meatballs & sausages, and lots of spaghetti and some freshly grated parmesan cheese. Set everything out, and let people serve themselves and see which sauce proves to be the most popular!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Margaret Smith says

    My idea would be a make your own pizza party. We’d take english muffins, slice and broil lightly in the oven. Then we’d have bowls set up with Ragu and shredded mozzarella cheese and other fixins, like pepperoni, brocolli, tomatoe slices, mushrooms and green peppers. Also spices, like oregano, garlic powder and parmesean cheese.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  10. says

    a ragu party would be perfect for a kids sleepover or birthday party! I love the idea of a pasta station – with long noodles or smaller noodles, various toppings (from the normal to the exotic – spinich & feta!). too cool!

  11. says

    My idea feels similar to yours (but I was not copying – honest). I actually told my son at the end of football season, he could invite the whole team over for a get together. We’ll do a make your own pizza (with english muffins) with Ragu sauce, meat, vegetables, and an assortment of cheese. Then we’ll do make your own ice cream sundaes with different ice creams, toppings, marshmallow creme, hot fudge and other toppings.

  12. Jill L says

    Maybe I’m not being very imaginative but when my kids have their friends over, we always have make your own pizza parties. I buy the little Boboli crusts and then put out dishes of all the different toppings. It makes things so easy.

  13. Jamie C. says

    We make a whole wheat dough in the bread machine and divide it into individual portions. We have bowls of chopped up onions, peppers, olives, pineapple, lightly steamed spinach and whatever else is on hand that sounds good. We have mozzarella, feta and veggie cheese to please everyone. :-) We assemble our own, visit, eat, play games and sit around the firepit. Everyone is happy!

  14. Eugenie says

    I would saute some peppers and onions along with some sweet and some hot Italian sausages. Then I would set them out with sub rolls and ragu sauce so that everyone can make their own subs.

  15. ALLEN SISSON says

    It is standard at our house when the grand kids come over, I make the pizza dough and the wife helps them make their own pizza’s. They all get to choose what goes on theirs.

  16. April Taylor says

    I would like to a make-n-take Ragu party. One where you cook ahead and freeze the food for later. We could make lasagna, spagetti, alfredo and penne, manicotti and the list goes on.

  17. says

    A mini pizza party would be fun. Just have a ton of toppings out for people to make their own. And then of course you would have to share so we can all try every pizza!

  18. barbara wright says

    I did a pizza Valentines Day party at school one year. Since my daughter’s birthday is that day, I have every heart-shaped pan known to man :-) So I made individual heart-shaped pizzas with a variety of toppings so there would be something for everybody. That went over REALLY well!

  19. says

    A make your own pizza party for our mom’s group would be such fun! And a great way to share a tasty treat with friends. The kids would have so much fun picking out their own toppings and sharing their creations with their friends.

  20. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  21. says

    If I had a Ragu party it would be a cook off, everyone would have just a few ingredients to make a great dish with Ragu as the star and see what everyone came up with. Would love to see the creativity and taste some of the concoctions.

  22. ellen says

    Finger foods rule on any party I have : Ragu makes an awesome dipping sauce for appetizers like bread sticks , drumsticks and even veggies. I like putting it out in addition to other traditional dips and it always is welcomed!

  23. says

    We host a weekly wii party with friends and family just for fun, we’d add some pizza’s using Ragu sauce of course and definitely wine for the ‘big kids’ and sodas or juices for the little ones! We all have fun playing the dance and singing games.

  24. Georgia says

    I would call my girlfriends and tell everyone to come over and bring their favorite topping for a pizza. I would furnish the doe and the ragu sauce. We would come up with some great pizzas.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  25. Amber says

    Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! We’d love to have a pizza party. Another idea for a Ragu party could be a lasagna party, being able to customize the layers. A potluck type of Ragu party would be fun too, where ever guests brings a dish that uses Ragi sauce as an ingredient. Thanks so much!

  26. heather stevens says

    i think it would be fun to get together and have a make your own pizza night with shells you fill with the ingredients you want! especially fun for kids and useful for those picky eaters!

  27. Jennifer Marie says

    My idea for a Ragu party would be to hold it at our monthly family fun night. We get together with my husband’s brothers and sister, dad, and all our kids. We would make an Italian family fun night with a variety of dishes including spahgetti and pizza!

  28. Valerie C. says

    I like to make baked pasta dishes. So, I’d have a pasta party with lasagne, manicotti and baked ziti. Basically all the recipes are similar using pasta, ricotta, mozzaralla, parmesan (or romano), egg, sauce and meat (in the lasagne).

  29. says

    Your post made me hungry! lol..Great looking food & seems like y’all had fun!!

    My idea for a Ragu party would be to make it a Spaghetti & Meatballs party, but heat several types of sauce & let the kids/guest choose what sauce they want on theirs..Also, have different cheeses available for topping. For my meatballs, I like to put spinach in them & I bake them in the oven! easy & less messy lol

    Thank you SO much for the chance to win!!


  30. clarissa says

    i think a pasta bar party would be fun. Different types of pasta, different sauces like a ragu tomato and alfredo sauce different veggies to top it off plus different cheese to add etc.

  31. says

    Well, we would of course host a” pizza” party for kids. I would design and purchase personalized aprons for the kids in attendance. We would make our own pizza dough that they could use to make their own round pizza, pizza sticks, pizza pockets, or other tantalizing pizza themed dishes for kids. We would decorate with an Italian (red, white, and green, “taste of Italy” style) theme and host a pasta party for the adults in attendance. We would also give the kids paper chef’s hats that they could decorate and make special place mats that can be laminated and taken home as party favors. We’d also do goody bags for parents and kids, in them we would laminate the recipes we made that night and send each guest home with them so they can make the dishes themselves, also include at least one jar of large RAGU, a few child sized utensils like Curious Chef’s Pizza Kit for kids so they can help mom and dad in the kitchen (which we would use their pizza party kit for they party itself), and maybe throw in a little something for mom and dad like a gift card for a bottle of their favorite wine from our local winery for their own Italian dinner. Thanks for hosting, hope we win!

  32. says

    I would love this! How fun! I’m a marinara sauce addict, as is my daughter. :>

    I’d love a make your own pizza party, but I also think it would be so much fun to have all the guests bring a pasta dish of their choice while I would provide the sauces. So there would be penne, spaghetti, bowtie and so forth! And I could have cheeses and meats and veggies! Love this idea!

  33. Julie says

    I’d luv to use Ragu for spaghetti and have close family over for a party:) We’d have different sauces for people and different kinds of breads:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  34. says

    I took this one off the internet for a Big Party for the guys right after the man cave was finished but the kids loved it, too!


    2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    1 pound beef chuck, cut into 3/4-inch pieces
    kosher salt and freshly-ground black pepper
    1 large onion, chopped
    3 carrots, peeled and chopped
    4 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
    1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary
    1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
    1 teaspoon Italian Delight Seasoning Mix
    1 tablespoon tomato paste
    2 cups chicken or beef stock, preferably homemade
    1/2 cup dry red wine
    1 15-ounce can crushed tomatoes
    1 pound assorted mushrooms (button, cremini, shiitake, baby bella), sliced
    12 ounces pappardelle
    1/2 cup grated Parmesan (2 ounces), plus more for serving

    Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large saucepan or Dutch oven over medium-high heat.
    Season the beef with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper; cook, turning occasionally, until browned on all sides, 3 to 5 minutes.
    Transfer mixture to a plate.
    Heat the remaining tablespoon of oil in the saucepan over medium-high heat.
    Add the onion, carrots, garlic, rosemary, and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper; cook, stirring occasionally, until softened, 6 to 8 minutes.
    Add the tomato paste; cook, stirring, until slightly darkened, about 1 minute more.
    Return the beef to the saucepan and add the chicken stock, wine, and tomatoes.
    Simmer, covered, stirring occasionally, until the beef is fork-tender, 60 to 75 minutes.
    Add the mushrooms to the saucepan and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, until tender, 10 to 12 minutes more. If the sauce is too thin, simmer, uncovered, until thickened to the desired consistency.
    Meanwhile, cook the pasta according to the package directions; drain and return it to the pot.
    Add the beef ragù and Parmesan then toss!

  35. shannon thompson says

    i would do a ragu Italian party night… i would make some pizza and alot of spaghetti ..

    i would invited some family and friends to come over and eat their little hearts desire out..


  36. says

    With Halloween coming up, it would be fun to make jack o’lantern pizzas! Or maybe we could get really creative and make other shapes as well. I think it would be fun to create a pizza party for Halloween. The kids would love it! Maybe even a contest with a prize for the winners of certain categories… just like a pumpkin carving contest.

  37. says

    My husband and I are thinking of having a pizza party for my son’s first birthday. My husband has made pizzas before so it will for sure save us money since were on a tight budget. I’m also planning to set up games for the kids like pizza eating contest and pinata. It will be fun!

  38. Elena says

    I would make a pizza and pasta party for my son’s birthday. I would use Ragu on pizza, and would make pasta with three different sauces by adding meat or veggies to Ragu sauce.

  39. says

    Around here it’s mainly adults, so other than having a good supply of toppings, different sauces and dough, what else is there to do. I’m not one to get super creative with food. Actually I’m more with the variety of pastas and sauces idea along with a salad and different goodies to add to it. But regardless, there’s no way for me to make it sound fun and exciting.

  40. Lisa Cowan Whitham says

    My party would be for my kid’s friends. We would use Ragu sauce to make pizzas. The kids would get to choose their own toppings.

    frugalmommieof2 at

  41. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I love your idea–my kids love making their own pizza, so that would go over great with our family. If I had to make something to serve, I would make a fake lasagna–using zucchini instead of pasta–and layering it with Ragu and cheese.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Shari says

    My idea for a Ragu party would be to have different types of items such as pitas, flat breads, french breads, corn tortillas. Combine that with different pastas, sauces, vegetables, meat, and cheeses. This way everyone can make there own special type of dish.

  43. Jessica says

    I think it would be fun to get creative with toppings. My husband is a really picky eater and won’t eat any pizza besides plain pepperoni, but if we made mini pizzas I could try anything I want

  44. says

    humm… with fall weather coming, i’d love to have a comfort food feast! everyone brings their family’s favorite comfort food and we all share! i bet they’d be lots of lasagnas!!

  45. Mari says

    I’d make little mini pizzas using Ragu as the sauce for the pizzas. We did this for my son’s back to school party and all of his friends seemed to enjoy it. I have toppings in bowls so that every child could pick what they wanted to add.

  46. kelley wood says

    My daughters’ birthday is coming up soon. I’d love to invite her friends over for the sleepover and have a “make your own pizza party” for them. They are all at the right age to be inspired and I think the girls would love it. I could lay out all the ingredients and let them get to cooking! :)

  47. says

    I would make a kids Ragu party. Complete with Pizza making and spaghetti making where the kids can put on their own flavors of toppings and DUH, those yummy Ragu Sauces too!!

  48. Michelle S says

    I like the idea of a make your own pizza party. Everyone seems to have their own preference for toppings and this way everyone is happy and less work for the hostess!

  49. Melinda Mendy Dinsmore says

    I love the idea of a pizza party using Ragu sauce. I would do like a “taco bar” pizza party. Everyone can create their own.

  50. Suzanne says

    Sorry, I posted my other reply wrong. Can you please delete it?

    I think a make your own pasta party would be a lot of fun. That way people could customize what type of pasta, meat, cheese, etc.

  51. Deanna G. says

    How about a build your own pasta party! You could do like meatballs, cheese, veggies, etc. And, of course, all the different Ragu sauces!

  52. LaurenS says

    Make your own lasagna party, though the pizza party would be my first choice!


  53. says

    If I were to have a Ragu party, I would most likely do the make your own pizzas like you did. However, another fun (adults-only) idea would be to make a variety of pasta (stuffed shells, lasagna, etc.) and have everyone bring their favorite wine to share.

  54. Kathy says

    We would love to have a ragu pizza party using pita bread for the crust and ragu sauce and making a build-it yourself pizza.

  55. says

    Sorry – I just realized I hadn’t entered my mandatory entry – I don’t know what happened…

    I would make lasagna, using Ragu, and also serve pasta with Ragu and a salad bar.

  56. Denise L says

    My friend came up with pizza roll ups. She makes her dough, rolls it out into a triangle, then spreads toppings (no sauce), rolls up, cuts into 1-1/2″ pieces and bakes. Then the Ragu is used as a dipping sauce. Super yummy and fun for the kids.

  57. SANDY says

    could do a pasta party and have all sorts of pastas, could also do a bagel pizza part, or taco party..could also make ravioli- making pasta is easy and could do it together

  58. says

    I just found your website. My choice would be to put bacon, pineapple and ham. Pizza is one of my favorite foods so lucky for me I just found your blog :) Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  59. Tonya Dean says

    The pizza party is a great idea. I thing an Italian themed party with Chicken parmigiana, Fettuccine alfredo, and Linguine with clam sauce and more Italian dishes would be great too.


  60. shel says

    I’d like an Italian-themed buffet party: spaghetti, lasagna, chicken Parmesan and fettuccine alfredo with lots of garlic bread and salad with italian dressing. I’d have “The Godfather” playing on the tv and have a jug of red wine and some sparkling grape juice for the kids.

  61. Debbie C says

    Have a “Make Your Own Meatballs” Party for kids. Prepare the meatball mixture ahead of time and have it well refrigerated. Prepare plates of small cheese cubes of two or three varieties, whole olives, pepperoni sticks cut into chunky slices and any other small soft but solid food item. When the little guests arrive, have handwashing first, seat them at a table, best to be covered with a vinyl washable tabled cloth. Provide each guest with a pair of disposable vinyl gloves, a styrofoam bowl and styrofoam plate. Put a portion of meatball mix into each styrofoam bowl. Let the guests first roll a meatball, press into with the thumb, insert one of the cheese balls or other goodie into the hole and then press the mix back around the goodie. Repeat until the mix is used up. Fill cupcake pans with each guest’s meatballs and mark them in some way so you know whose is whose. While guests play other games, bake the meatballs, boil spaghetti and heat the Ragu sauce. Plate the individuals meals and serve.


  62. joni says

    We love pizza fondue. You can add any topping you like. I cut up garlic bread and toast in the oven for dipping.

  63. ferriz says

    i would have a make your own pizza and pasta bar. i would cook up different kinds of pasta and let everyone pick their sauce combos. and since ragu is great for pizza sauce we would have a decorate your pizza contest too!

  64. ky2here says

    I like make your own lasagna. We have these great fiesta bakers and a wonderful recipe where you use hard lasagna noodles and more water so you don’t have to pre-bake the noodles. LEt guests choose between the ingredients and everyone gets what they want. We started doing this because I love insane amounts of garlic and no one else likes that.

    It’s fun and interactive and everyone ends up tasting the other dishes anyway.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  65. Cynthia C says

    I think a make-your-own pizza party would be great fun for kids. Put out bowls of toppings and Ragu sauces, give each one a rolled dough and let them choose what they like.

  66. April V. says

    A ‘never ending pasta bowl’ type party where there are several pastas and sauces and cheeses and chopped veggies and cooked meats to mix and match.

  67. Marilyn Wons says

    My idea for a ragu party would be a buffet. I would have different pastas spread out with different ragu sauces. The guests could pick and choose their favorites.

  68. Tari Lawson says

    Love the Pizza party idea. You could also do a pasta party, offering different types of pasta, regular sauce, a meat sauce, and lots of add-ins (like cooked veggies and cheeses) along with a salad and some good italian bread.

  69. Leann Lindeman says

    You could make lasagna with Ragu… (Of course) and put out large platters of antipasti, which is very easy to do. Have everyone bring their fav wine!!

  70. EMMA L HORTON says


  71. Denise Morse says

    I would have a gluten free baked pasta party. Individual casserole dishes, all the fixings (meat, cheeses, veggies, bacon :)), and then pop into the oven. It will take some time so the party would start earlier than normal and games will be played while baking.

  72. Jeff says

    My idea for a ragu party would be hosting a hosting a ppv event. Making pizza using ragu as the sauce for the party. Cold coke in the fridge for italian food.

  73. Kerri M says

    I would totally love to do a make your own pizza party. Have peeps think outside of the box and then do taste testing. That could be fun for my group of friends.

  74. Emma Peel says

    Ragu party serving Rigatoni casserole with lots of cheese thru it bread sticks parmesan and garlic and lots of salad with a Italian cafe theme, little checkered red white tablecloths and Italian accents with trellis garden posts and jugs and loaves of bread pictures adorning the room the party is held in, light accordion and violin music playing

  75. Lori Hart says

    My pizza party would have a theme; football if it’s superbowl, mexican if it’s cinco de mayo etc. Everyone would be so creative!

  76. nanjhall says

    This could be a fun and entertaining evening for adults if I picked friends who enjoyed creating their own meal. It could also be done with pasta by having a few different noodles, sauces and toppings to choose from.

  77. Deborah Rosen says

    I love your idea of a pizza party – what kid doesn’t love pizza? You could also have an appetizer party with things like fried ravioli, mozzerella sticks and veggie sticks that can be dipped into cups of different Ragu sauces (use paper cups for hot beverages and mini ladels in small crock pots for different varieties of Ragu sauce).

  78. Iliana Blair says

    I think that is a great idea especially for kids to introduce them to cooking.
    Other ideas would be a fundraiser for students to make pizzas to order at a school event!

  79. Cindy D says

    I think a buffet type mini pizza party would be fun! Freeze dough until ready to use and cut up various vegtable toppings as well as use several types of Ragu for others to choose from.
    Dove056 at aol dot com

  80. mistysunrise says

    I would invite all the kids in the family to a weekend pizza party, where they can make their own pizza!

    itsjustme62613 at

  81. Mary C says

    I love to use Ragu when I make lasagna ahead of time. I use what I have on hand, lots of cheese, some browned ground beef and no-cook noodles, spreading around lots of Ragu to soften up and “cook” the noodles. Yum!

  82. clynsg says

    I find that a pizza party is a great way to reward the young people who will come with my grandchildren to do things for me, such as minor repairs and yard work. Most of the time they will not take any cash, but will gladly accept pizza and drinks!

  83. Geoff K says

    I love the idea of laying out all the possible sauces, spices, and toppings for savory and sweet pizzas buffet-style and letting everyone go to town. To make things even more fun, I’d make different types of dough (e.g., whole wheat, garlic, cinnamon sugar, etc.) to make even more possible combinations. Thanks!

    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  84. Beth McLeod says

    I would put out several different pastas and several different Ragu sauces to choose from! I’d serve lots of homemade garlic bread as well!

  85. Valerie Mabrey says

    I think it would be fun to have an italian themed party. It would be all red and white and green decorations. Maybe a lasy and the tramp table for the kids.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  86. Samantha says

    My sister always has pasta parties with her track team. Ragu sauce is a must! It is so inexpensive, have a pasta party with a sports team instead of ice cream or something more expensive!

  87. Valeen N says

    I love your idea of a make your own pizza party. Mine would be a variation, it would be fun to try different bases for the pizza, crust, french bread, rolls. Let people really get creative!

  88. Cathy Truman says

    We have everyone over for football parties. I think it would be fun
    to have all the toppings and differant crusts and breads for everyone to
    make their own pizza that is their favorite football team. They could use
    the team colors or the food item where their favorite team is from.

  89. Suzanne K says

    How about a pasta party? Think Olive Garden like with all the different types of pasta, different sauces, different things to add,….

  90. Jean F says

    For a football watching (on TV) party, I once made calzones and served Ragu for dipping. My guests liked them.

  91. Patrice says

    A good idea for a party would be a pasta bar. Have a good variety of pasta shapes, a few different sauces and a selection of meats or veggies to add in. Everyone can have their own custom pasta.

  92. Melanie Farmer says

    Any kids party is great with Ragu, especially since you can hide all kinds of veggies in their sauce! thank you 😉

  93. mickeyfan says

    Make sure you throw in some chicken (and BBQ sc) too. We regularly make our own pizzas. Great so everyone can have their own style.