You could win a $25,000 Macy's Classroom Makeover

It’s not every day that I say “hey! you could win $25,000 for your classroom!” you know? So, listen up. Because you could win $25,000 for your classroom.

Look, I’m not going to lie. It’s not going to be an easy win. You’re up against a lot of competition. Because Macy’s is the sponsor… and Macy’s is a big name, right? But.

And this is a big “but.”

I only have one guarantee to offer: I promise you. I absolutely, positively promise you, you will not win the $25,000 Classrooom Makeover contest if you don’t enter.

There you have it.

You aren’t going to win.

Unless, you can convince Macy’s in writing or in video that your classroom needs and deserves a makeover. Not a teacher? That’s okay. You can enter your favorite classroom. Your child’s, your cousin’s, your neighbor’s… it doesn’t matter. Just enter.

Because. You won’t win, if you don’t enter.

And it’s pretty simple to enter:

  1. Head to and like the page;
  2. Click the Classroom Makeover Sweeps tab;
  3. Fill out the entry form & submit;
  4. Share the contest. (if you’re so inclined. That last part is optional.)

Just for kicks, here’s why I’m nominating my kids’ classroom:


Middle goes to a fantastic Kindergarten program. Top notch. At back to school night, I smiled with pride and got chills realizing how perfect the teacher, the classroom, the peers and the curriculum all are for him. Except when the teacher said “the toys in our basement are too small for our Kindergarten.”
You see, Middle’s Kindergarten shares a building with a preschool that is awesome, amazing and absotively fabulous. The basement, where they go for indoor recess every time it rains, snows too much, is too cold or too wet or too yucky to go outside to the playground… well… it’s made for little ones. But the Kindergarten has big 5 and 6 year olds. They need bigger kid indoor options so that they can run around. They need a gym and storage. With a gym and storage, the little ones could have their area, and the big kids could have a true area to play and run and exercise in the snow and rain and yuck.
So. Tell me. Are you entering? What would you do with a $25,000 Classroom Makeover from Macy’s?
This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and the Macy’s Classroom Makeover Sweepstakes.



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