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With Back to School shopping season ahead of us, the malls are getting busy. Especially busy on rainy days like today. And the week ahead. I was so excited to try out My Best Fit at the King of Prussia Mall a few weeks ago because I can totally see how it can make your life less stressful when shopping. It speeds up the shopping process, by taking a 5 second image of your body and electronically determining the best pants and jeans for you.

And? It worked! I needed pants when I went, so I took a look at the pants the suggestions (there weren’t many, but that’s my body for you) and went to White House Black Market, which came in 3rd for suggested pants. While My Best Fit had suggested a pair not in stock, the associates were able to find a pair that were extremely similar, just a different weight and color–which made me happy, as I wanted to winter white pair and not black.

The results offer pricing from boutique to inexpensive, my suggestions ranged from Paige Premium to JCPenney brand. It was very easy to scan my list and determine where to go. My most-perfect fit jean was a pair from Gap, a pair I already have–which I’m going to take to mean that I do a darn good job at finding things that fit me right. Sadly, they aren’t my husband’s favorite jeans on me, which means that either the results weren’t exactly right, or my husband likes a different fit.

There are a few imperfections with the system. The biggest that I’ve found is that it’s not keeping up with the fast changes in boutique jeans and pants. With jeans like those sold at the Gap, where inventory doesn’t change weekly, it’s likely that if you measure as a best fit, you’ll find your jeans there. But as of my sampling, My Best Fit wasn’t keeping up with the changes at a shop like White House Black Market, who’s clothing inventory replaces itself almost weekly. The pants I measured for were in stock about 2 weeks before I was measured, and gone when I went to try them.

Still, chances are pretty good that unless the season has changed completely, a store you measure well for will likely have something similar in stock.

How can My Best Fit make shopping less frustrating? Read my post on the MyBestFit Blog.

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