Favorite Mother’s Day Moments

I can’t believe I’ve been a Mom long enough to be able to write this post. Next month, I’ll celebrate my eighth Mother’s’Day. Eight years. Eight years of learning, smiles, tears, frustrations, excitement, boredom… eight years.


I remember my first Mother’s Day, 6 months pregnant with Big, waking up to a card signed “Mommy, I love you and can’t wait to meet you! Love, Baby.” I still have that card. It was the first time I was ever called “Mommy” in writing.

My third Mothers’ Day I have on video. Pregnant again, I filmed Big waddling and toddling through the yard, climbing on his daddy, chasing him, playing baseball. His sweet toddler voice, infectious giggle, tumbles, steps and tosses melt me every time I play the video. I need to play it more.

The next few years are a blur. Enjoying spring days with a growing family, lots of love, handmade gifts, fresh flowers and crayoned cards accompanied “surprise” breakfasts in bed.

Two years ago, 7 months pregnant, I was surprised with what I call “the best present, ever.” Looking at those words… well, that’s a little shallow. I mean. It’s a thing, you know? A present. It was something given to me. So, I’m thinking this doesn’t really fit in a sentimental post… but bare with me.

Three years ago, I wanted only one thing:  a swingset for my kids. A nice one. One that would last, that they would spend hours in. One that the neighborhood would want to play inside and all over. Having one, I knew I could say “go outside and play!” and not ever have them tell me they were bored. I wanted that.

Two years ago, on Mother’s Day, we got one. As soon as it was up, I saw smiles spread wide. The boys ran and jumped and played. And it was perfect timing, because I had a long summer ahead of me, pregnant, having a baby and then bringing home Little who force us all to live on her “schedule” of naps and nursing. Everyday I look out into my backyard and think, wow. That swingset/playset really was the best gift ever. Sure. It was for the kids, for Mother’s Day. But it was more for our family for Mother’s Day, which, really, is what Mother’s Day is all about.

Now, all 3 kids play on it. All three kids spend hours scheming and creating in the “clubhouse”, picnicking under the slide, or playing with toy trucks they’ve brought in. I take such thrill in watching the boys push Little on her swing, and watching them grow and explore the many things they can do on there.

And? I get to do it all from my deck, or from my kitchen window, where I can watch while I make dinner. Even better? Sometimes I get to go down the slide, or swing on the swing. Afterall, it was my present.

What moments mark your Mothers’ Days? What moments do you want to remember? And how will you celebrate your special day (or your wife or mother’s special day) this year?

I never remember to send cards (yes, I know this makes me an irresponsible daughter.) That’s why I’m ordering and sending cards early this year. (I’m trying to, at least!)

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