Mom Chic: You have to feel good to look good

A year ago, almost exactly, I made a pledge to myself: I would learn to take care of my skin.

Its something I never learned growing up, but as time has passed, something I realized I needed to teach myself. Sure, I’d attended many a make-up/skin care house party. And visited more make-up counters than I care to count. But I never really learned to pick up a regime and follow it, religiously, to make it an affective part of my life. A big part of looking good, is feeling good. Your face is what represents you more than anything. Your skin should look and feel good. No matter what.

Challenge one: Getting into routine. It wasn’t easy to change my lifestyle. So many nights I had just splashed water on my face, sloshed on moisturizer and headed to bed (after, of course, brushing my teeth.) For the first 3 or 4 weeks last year of learning facial skincare, I needed to remind myself to complete the routine. And even though it was just 3 or 4 steps, it was, in the beginning, agonizing.

It seems silly, looking back, that a 4-step face-washing procedure was agonizing. But I would be so tired. And taking a minute for each step wasn’t easy. At all. Still, I stuck to it. And by the 4th week, doing the skin care routine was… routine. A few weeks in, if I even tried to skip it, I would crawl back out of bed, feeling like my face was dirty.

Challenge two: Recognizing that its not just your face you need to care for. Sometime in January, I was reading an article about cleaning and read that your neck and the area between your breasts and your neck, which we’ll call your upper chest, are some of the most ignored and needy areas. They are delicate and should be treated the same way you treat your face. That was all I needed to hear. Already, I was caring for my face, so taking an extra 30 seconds to include these delicate areas was simple. (And, within a week I noticed a huge difference in my upper chest area skin. It went from dull to silky-shiny so quickly).

Challenge 3: finding a product that you like enough to want to use it, again and again. In the past year I have sampled 4 different facial routines. One drugstore brand, one from Sephora, one from Avon that is no longer on the market and, finally, Theraderm from Therapon.

I was instantly interested in Theraderm because its an all natural product. For someone who grew up using alcoholy cleansers from department stores, this would actually be good for me.

The cleanser (the 1st step in the 4-step program) is soap-free. While in the beginning I thought I’d still need soap on my face, I’ve realized that this cleanser really does lift the dirt from the day, without leaving a soap build-up.

Next I use the exfoliant. For years, to me, “exfoliant” meant “tiny little balls rolling around your face to dig up whatever was caked on.” But Theraderm’s Fruit Acid Exfoliant is clear and smooth. You apply it with cotton pads that are a little harsh to the skin at first, but I was acccustomed to it within about a week. This part of the Theraderm system was the hardest for me to like, but, I could see the difference it was making on the pad, as it pulled off make-up and dirt that were still on after cleansing.

The third part, Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel, is pricey, but worth the price tag. The very first night I used it, I knew it was making a difference. It feels good going on. It feels like something I want on my skin. And Therapon’s website states that the “antioxidant is 20x more effective than Vitamin C and 50x more effective than Vitamin E.”

Finally, the moisturizer. I have dry skin. And I live in a dry home. Really, really dry. The first 8 winters I lived here, I put moisturizer on my face 2 or 3 times a day. But so far this winter, only once at night. I’m not sure if its the whole system or the moisturizer itself but something is keeping my skin feeling fresh 24 hours after applying.  When I first started the kit, I added a different moisturizer during the day, because I was concerned that Theraderm wasn’t providing enough. Recognizing that I really needed to try the system as it was developed, helped me to realize that I may have been over-moisturizing.

At $155 (though currently on sale for $137.50), the cost of Theraderm isn’t easy to see on your credit card. But if you’re looking to change your facial lifestyle by learning a product line, this is a healthy choice. Its also not crazy expensive. You’re getting 5 items (pads are included) and they’ve already lasted 2 months. These aren’t drugstore products. They’re all natural and clinically tested.

I am so proud of myself for learning and sticking to a routine. A year later, my skin looks good, and it feels great. Looking at pictures from last year I can see a physical difference. Its a thrill to know that I set out to do something good for me. And I benefited by sticking to it.

Am I making a goal for next year? After the success of this one, I should. What about you? Did you set out to do something in 2010 and succeed? Have you noticed a difference in your life? And what about skincare? Does your face look and feel good? That’s a huge part of being Mom Chic.

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    I have the same dry skin problem… ever since we moved from CA to MI my skin is red, itchy and DRY. I just started using Dermalogica and bought the travel kit to try it out. That with a humidifier is helping my skin and the allergies I have adopted since moving as well. I may try this product if the one I’m using stops working:) Thanks!

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    Very nice! It is so important to take care of your skin. That’s about the only part of me I do take care of, and I intend to change that in the coming year. Wish I had a fashion post to link up, but like I said, it’s been awhile since I’ve really taken care of myself! :)


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