#Giveaway: Win 2 Ant Hills by Insect Lore

I promised to get this giveaway up this weekend and wanted to make sure I did, but my full review won’t be up until later this week because a toy this substantial is deserving of time and focus to write a very good review. Big and I are working on a video that I will post that shares all about our experiences with the Ant Hill and just how cool it really is.

Briefly, the Insect Lore Ant Hill seems gross. I mean, really? Who wants to invite 25-50 ants into their home? At least, that’s how I felt. Infact, when I received the ants in the mail (they come separately from the hill habitat) I considered hiding them and letting the little guys die. Then I wouldn’t have to, gulp, transfer them from their vials into their habitat. Well, I did the transfer and I honestly can’t believe that I was hesitant to host the hill.

I’m not going to spoil our video by telling you all the things we’ve learned, but I will tell you that you want to win this giveaway. Your family will learn so much about an entire “city” (that’s what Middle calls it) that they’ve never seen before. And watching the tiny insects work, its motivational, but at the same time relaxing. I’ve refered to it as “as calming as a watching a candle burn.” I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but the ants have kind of become our family pets.

I’m giving away TWO Ant Hills to one winner. One is to be given to the winner’s classroom and one is for the winner’s home. Pretty cool, the winner will get to share the experience with his class. Here’s how to win:

Required: Comment to this post and tell why you want to win this prize

Extra Entries:

  • Use the retweet button on the bottom right to share this giveaway with your followers. No need to comment, I’m automatically informed each time its tweeted.
  • Facebook “like” this post using the button at the end of this post and tell me you did so in a comment
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I’m a Buggin’ Blogger with Insect Lore. The winner will be chosen on Friday, December 24 and notified. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to the email. If the winner does not respond in that time, an alternate will be chosen. Toy is not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

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  1. says

    I would like to win this for my 5th grader. He loves science, and with this being his last year in elementary school, I think it would be great for himself and his class to enjoy this gift in their classroom this year before heading off to the hustle and bustle of middle school next fall. That and I have always found ants interesting in what the inside of their ant hill looks like.

  2. Heidi says

    My son would love to watch the ants. He is also starting at a new school in January & I think it would be neat if he brought this to share with his new friends.

  3. Brittany says

    So fun! I have four children we need to work our way up to a dog, why not start small, really small and work our way up!

  4. says

    My daughter has been asking for every kind of bug from this company since I got her the butterflys for her 6th birthday, she would LOVE this so so much!!

  5. Rachel Hansen says

    I would love to win this ant hill because my children would love it. I would be able to show them what is going on under our backyard. We homeschool, so it would be school and home in one. :-)

  6. Lizzie says

    I want this because i have an amazing 5 year old daughter who would love this. she would rather be outside than playing barbies, video games, or watching tv. This would be a perfect thing to help her get through the winter while awaiting spring and summer.

  7. molomatic says

    I “like” you on Facebook, thanks!

    (I also retweeted. My twitter name shows up as One Grateful Mama (molomatic))

  8. Jennifer McNeely says

    I would love to have these for my daughter and her Kindergarten class! “Santa” got her the Butterfly Garden and Ladybug habitat and she wants to share those with her class. This would be awesome for them! We share any critter we catch and the kids are enthralled with them. Thanks for the give-a-way (even if we don’t happen to win! lol)


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