Yes. I tried Wendy's new You Pick 2 Menu

On Wednesday, I joined many lovely Philadelphia Social Media Moms at a Wendy’s for blogging bonding, and an opportunity to try out Wendy’s new You Pick 2 menu.

After yesterday’s anti-fast food fundraising post, this one, I’m sure, is raising some eyebrows.

I received an invitation to this event on the same day that I received an invitation to the McTeacher event. Immediately, I started writing my post regarding McTeacher, but my head was conflicted. How can I accept the offer to attend an event at Wendy’s but slam a McDonald’s event with my kids?

So, I spent some time on the Wendy’s website. I realized that their promotion, offering a lengthy list of choices and allowing the patron to select 2 of You Pick 2 menu items for just $4.99, is good for moms. Its good because:

  • most of the choices are healthier foods (choices include 4 half-salads, chili, a baked potato, bottle of water and more)
  • the price point ($4.99) makes it easy to have a little, often necessary, me time or a chance to enjoy a fairly healthy, fast and inexpensive lunch with a friend
  • this promotion isn’t focusing on children making choices. Its focused on adults.

That, to me, makes all the difference. Adults are capable of determining what is healthy when they walk into a fast food restaurant. They can decide if they want to eat a greasy, heavy, processed burger or a salad with apples, pecans and chicken. Children walk into a fast food restaurant all wide-eyed amped to get whatever food is easiest to eat and comes with a toy.

With that in mind, I did attend the Wendy’s event. I had a wonderful time visiting with my friends while we all ate from the You Pick 2 menu (though Little did have chicken nuggets from the regular menu. There are very few alternative choices for a toddler there.) And I enjoyed the food. The Baja Salad was fantastic. I’m usually not a red-meat-and-salad type of girl, but I was craving a little spice, and it was good. Next time I plan to try the Apple Pecan Chicken salad. I didn’t eat all of my baked potato. In fact, the salad filled me up so much that I didn’t have room for the potato. That’s a lot of food! Next time? I’ll get a Dasani water with my salad.

Philadelphia area bloggers at Wendy's

The ladies that were there included (not in any particular order) Shannon from Philly Burb Moms, Joey from Real Mom in the Media, Tara from Baby Momma Blog, Stephanie from Montgomery County Moms, Mindi from Moms Need to Know, Sarah from Genesis Moments, Melissa from Girly Mama, Linda from Frugal Philly Mom, and Jennifer from Philly Fun 4 Kids.

This is a sponsored post by Wendy’s and TheMotherhood. I was compensated for my time in writing this post and participating in the lunch.

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