Its a giveaway! You could win $50 towards Cards Direct

Cards DirectIts that time of year again. We’re working on creating costumes, fall-fashioning our wardrobes and putting out our seasonal homegoods. We send out, or accept, Thanksgiving invites. And we start thinking of Holiday Cards.

Or, we don’t. Because we forget that the holidays are coming really, really fast and they’ll be here before we know it. What many of us (me included) don’t consider is that we need to get new pictures taken with the kids latest missing tooth and new hair cut for our Photo Cards and they take time. Plus, getting the outfits and the perfect picture… that’s a lot of work to prepare to order holiday photo cards.

And then when you consider that Chanukah comes early this year… well. Maybe you need a little kick in the rear to get started on your cards. So, here’s one. I’m offering a giveaway for twenty-five cards up to a $50 value at Cards Direct. No expiration, but receiving a code for $50 off could certainly equal a bit of a nudge for your holiday cards, right?

The winner will be free to use her unique code for anything from Christmas Cards to Thank You Notes, Invitations to Announcements. Her pick.

Want to enter to win? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Comment to this post and tell me your plan for holiday cards this year. Do you have a budget? What type of cards do you send? How many?
  • After you comment, press that little yellow “retweet” button on the lower right of this post to announce this giveaway on twitter. Please do not post another comment that you tweeted, as all tweets are recorded.

That’s it! This giveaway will close on October 20 at noon EST. Thanks to Cards Direct and Global Influence for providing this promotion for my winner, as well as a product code for me to order at a later date.

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel ( and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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  1. says

    Last year I did e-cards and they came out great and cute…but they still were not the same. So this year I am shopping sales to get hard copy cards to mail out!

  2. Carla says

    WOW! What a great giveaway! Last year I wrote a letter on a white piece of paper and then drew a scnowman on the bottom. Our budget is really tight, and holiday cards just weren’t in our budget. Hopefully, things will turn around and this year we can send our nice looking holiday cards!

  3. Dalton says

    Our family usually sends out a Christmas newletter to all our family and friends (about 100 total). This year, it would be great to use the CardsDirect cards to spruce u pthe newsletter a bit.

  4. The Future Mrs. Bray says

    This year will be this first year I send out Christmas cards of my own. My fiance and I will be getting married at the end of the month, and we would love to send holiday cards out to 50 of our closest family and firends.

  5. says

    I usually create a 4×6 printed card with pics of the kids and the Mrs and I. Add a nice festive message and viola, all done. We typically send between 30-50 and this is the most inexpensive way to go and also it’s not like we have a ton of free time to look online for a card, place an order and then write and address the cards once they arrive. We might as well have Groundhog’s Day card at that rate! :)

  6. Casey says

    I am planning on sending out cards with just my 2 dogs on them :) They are like are kids so I thought this would be cute! I will probably only send them out to our closest friends and family…..maybe 20 os so… :)
    twitter @MissLeeThatsME

  7. Nancy says

    I like the Tropical Greetings Card from Cards Direct. It is one I might select to send out.

    We will just send out a few cards this year to very close friends and family. Since our mailing list is fairly limited, (probably about 25 or so) we don’t have a budget for this.

  8. amy h says

    My plan for holiday cards this year is just to send to family to save some money (on postage); however, I will probably still be sending over 20 cards. Yes, I am on a budget. I will use the x-mas cards I purchased last year after x-mas was over (you can get them at a good price).

  9. Heather says

    This year, the plan for holiday cards is to just send them out to close family and friends. We send out about 15-20 cards. We’ll probably use a few of the cards we had left over from last year and buy some when they are on sale.


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