For Moms: Four Books You Must Read

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The Bloggers Book Club is moving in full swing right now, I’m super excited to announce that our first read is Too Many Cooks: Kitchen Adventures with 1 Mom, 4 Kids, and 102 Recipesby Emily Franklin, which is one of my favorites. Its a story of memoirs of a mom who challenged herself to serve her kids a different meal every night (nearly) for a year. It totally inspired me in my parenting, my cooking and my blogging… but I’ll get to the details soon when I post my response for our book club.

In the meantime, if you aren’t in the club, definitely apply to join! In the  meantime, you’ll likely love this month’s quick read. Its great for both foodies and moms. Members will be posting our connections to the book on our own blogs during the week of September 27. Our book club discussion takes place October 4.

Like every summer, I read a lot of fantastic books. But there are a few that I recommend again and again and again. Lately, my top 3 picks to make sure everyone reads:
Still Alice: A story of early onset alzheimers, you attach yourself to the main character within the first 3 pages. Sit with her, inside her as you learn her struggles with her changing mind. Its a fascinating book and a beautiful story of love, family and frustration.

Girl in Translation: This was the final book selection that I read as a member of the SVMoms Book Club. Its good to close a chapter with an amazing book. This story of a young girl who comes to America taught me acceptance of differences, and welcomed me into a world that exists in my multicultural neighborhood. I was amazed to learn about hardships in our own country, inspired by the main character’s determination and able to laugh and cry reading realistic stories of young adulthood.

The Middle Place: Perhaps one of the greatest books I’ve ever read, this memoir tells of Ms. Corrigan’s inspirational fight against breast cancer, while her father fought bladder cancer. Her story isn’t just about struggles with cancer, its an enlightening look into another woman’s life: her family, her youth, her priorities and how they change. You learn about her experience growing up (in the Philadelphia area) and you enjoy her stories of her days with her husband. This story lifted me and gave me a greater appreciation of life. I recommend this book to every young mom I know. And as soon as someone hands my copy back to me, I turn around and pass it on to another friend. Reading it will change your life.

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