Sometimes, the best laid plans… actually work!

The next post has been renamed so many times today its sick. First, it was “Planning a 40th birthday dinner.” But if I posted before the dinner and the huz read the post, I’d spoil our surprises.

So, then, I titled it “Out of This World 40th Birthday Party” (which, really, is what the post should be called.)

But then we read the weather forecast (like 80 times today, really) and realized that we’d soon be resorting to plan B. And then Plan C. And so I changed the title again and again.

And then the thunderstorm ended early, leaving a beautiful night. And so we were back to plan A. And our little dinner went on as planned.

And I’m going to stop complaining now about this post and end it here. Because, really, I like the “Out of This World 40th Birthday Party” title enough to post the party deets there.

But I’ll leave you with a partying thought: always, always always always, have a back-up plan when you plan a party. Especially if that party is going to be outside.

Always. Always. Always.

PS I just looked up the word “laid” and, yes, I’m using the correct spelling. Sweet! I do remember middle school English!

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