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Hi Julie, I already gave my son’s teacher a gift at the holidays. Do I need to give something to the teachers now?

great gifts to give to a teacher

Nope. You never need to give something. Who wants to dish out all that money, right? But. Think about your kids. One year I had a class of 24 4th grade students. On the last day of school, they all stood outside my classroom with gifts in their hands: wrapped gifts, gift bags, potted plants, flowers, envelopes with bows. One child stood in line with empty hands. Twenty-three students proudly placed a present on my desk that day. I quietly thanked each (no, I didn’t open in front of the kids.) One child walked in with his shoulders slumped.

As a teacher, I could care less about the gifts of appreciation I receive. The memories are enough for me. But that boy? He noticed it.

I like your idea of gifting in the teacher lounge. But we have a lot of teachers in our school. So providing a breakfast would need to be huge. Any other ideas?

Teachers love sweets. Okay, everyone loves sweets. Call a few neighbors and get everyone to bake one batch of cookies. Then everyone signs the card from your neighborhood. Or, just send in one batch. Sure, not everyone will get one, but there’s likely to be more treats like this in the lounge, anyway. Plus everyone is probably bringing their own food, too. So its not like they’re relying on your snacks. A fruit tray from a warehouse store like SAMs Club, BJs or Costco works, too.

Here’s another idea: go to the store and buy 5 bags of candy (get a variety). Then divide them into small bags with a note: thanks for a sweet year. Give one to each teacher.

More teacher gift ideas:

  • Movie night: Give one pack of popcorn kernels or a microwave popcorn pouch, a blockbuster gift certificate and a candy bar in an inexpensive plastic bowl (to hold the popcorn).
  • Donate to a charity in the teachers’ name. Some relevant charities: teacher’s alma mater, Donors Choose, Global GivingWorld Education,
  • Does your school have a Keurigmachine? Give your teacher a variety box of Flavored Coffee K-cups. (believe me, she already has a mug.) This is a great teacher-lounge gift, too!
  • Paint a planting pot, provide a small bag of soil and forget-me-not flower seeds. (Thanks Sarah!)
  • Slippers or flip flops (Thanks, Mel!) After a day (or 180 days) on their feet, these are so welcome. Our teachers raved one year over spa thongs.

What are you gifting to your teachers this year? Have more questions about teachers? Ask away!

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