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So, one thing I liked about Eliza, Uma Thurman’s character in The Motherhood, which I reviewed on Mommies with Style this week, was the way that she just jumped on, blogged for 5, then ran off. I always feel that I have to sit down and B-L-O-G. You know: Process it. Think it through. Write. Rewrite. Edit. Check. Add. Edit. Rewrite. Schedule. Revise. Reschedule.  You know?

So, in Eliza’s spirit, I’m taking 5 and just writing. Whatever I want to write.




Okay. My mind went blank.

Blank. Like the snow. Wait. What snow? Did someone say snow? Oh yes they must have. They must have threatened severe snow because there was no school today. None. sNo.

So, rather than a relaxed Thursday while the kids were in school, we had a relaxed Thursday with the kids in wiiville and TVville because I only have so many snowy day tricks up my sleeve. I mean, what are we on? Snow day 7 this year? Really? Can someone please tell me the last time in one school year we needed 7 snow days?

I bet someone is really rolling around in this one at our school district. Oh! The humiliation! Dude!! This is a job! You’re allowed mistakes, but don’t be afraid to call everyone to school for a few hours and then host an early dismissal. Look, I know the pains of an early dismissal. I get the stress. I get the troubles of trying to find all 3000 parents in your district before you send their children home to locked doors and buckets of snow on their heads. I get that. But, snow-day-caller, today you called a snowday on a perfectly fine day. We woke up and there was nothing on the ground. Maybe a little rain falling. A few flakes. But nothing. And you called school off for the day. And now that its 2:45 and my kid should be getting on the school bus to go home, I check out outside and, nothing. Nothing.

Please, snow day caller. Don’t call another day unless your eyes show you snow.

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