7 things… I wouldn't leave behind if I were going to Disney World tomorrow

  1. JustPrecious2disneyPassPorter’s Walt Disney World 2010: The Unique Travel Guide, Planner, Organizer, Journal, and Keepsake! This guide is more than enough information to help you plan and get through each day at Disney. It was my guide for booking, for determining the best place to eat for dinner each night, to learn about rides before going on them and every single detail in between. Its updated annually, so you know its up to date.
  2. I’m not a big Vera Bradley person, but the Vera Bradley Tech Case held my life each and every moment at Disney. I bought it to hold my ipod and phone in my diaper bag day-to-day, so it ended up at Disney World with us. What I found was that it held my “key to the world”, aka room key/park ticket/meal plan card, my credit card, cash, ipod and phone and kept it all safe and attached to my body. And its light weight and small, so easy to carry with the wristlet strip. When about to get on a ride, I’d leave the diapers and stuff in the stroller, grab the tech bag and go. Never did I need anything bigger, and I felt safe because my big-ticket items were all in this tiny bag, and I knew where it was.
  3. If you’re going to Disney World with a baby, please know that you’ll need more than a stroller. Having a carrier, be it a sling, Mei Tai, wrap, or whatever type you prefer, is a key to a successful visit. Wearing Little in a Baby K’tan wrap I was able to hold her securely on rides, feed her with ease and offer her a safe place to sleep.  I loved that there are so many different ways to wear your baby with the K’tan and they’re all so easy.  And if you’re breastfeeding, also consider a breastfeeding cover. More for your baby to not be so distracted when you’re feeding her and to block out the sun than for privacy. I most often fed my baby on rides and in shows, and even when doing it on a bench, no one ever batted an eye. Still, my Hooter Hider Nursing Cover went everywhere with me and came out for nearly every feed. (Bonus: it makes a great burp cloth or changing table cover when you forget one.)
  4. Since receiving a DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag years ago for review on MWS, it’s always been our go-to family bag.  The Huz is comfortable wearing it and its easy to hang on the back of the stroller. Most important there are so many sections that its easy to pack everything into its own place, finding what you need when you need it. And its huge. Huge enough that it was more than enough for our family of 5.
  5. Tour Guide Mike printout (especially for the Magic Kingdom.) I joined TGM on the recommendation of several friends. I’m sure its as much of a necessity to have during busy season as they all say, but I didn’t find it to be so necessary in January. It was great for planning the beginning elements (like knowing which park to attend each day.) And I found the suggestions and plans very useful in Magic Kingdom. Having been there, its now obvious that the Magic Kingdom is Tour Guide Mike’s fortay, not so much the other parks. For the other parks I read his notes prior to visiting each of them, but didn’t find them to be indipensible. And, please note, the Hollywood Studios notes are extremely outdated. Had I not researched further I would have missed quite a few highlights that are newer than when his suggestions were last written. (and for those who are heading to Hollywood Studios, my highlights will be up on Just Precious soon.) All that in mind, I still recommend joining, printing, and bringing Tour Guide Mike’s information with you. The Magic Kingdom information and the selection of where to go each day is valuable. And he is so very knowledgeable that the information he provides is indispensible. Search for a coupon code before you join.
  6. Your Garden Grocer receipt. About 5 days before leaving for Florida, I placed an order with Garden Grocer. It was a basic grocery list, including milks, turkey, bread, cheese and cereal. I also ordered a large package of diapers and another of wipes, some medicine, laundry detergent, shampoo for the kids and baby food. And a case of water bottles. So, in sum, this order was awesome. I didn’t have to pack a big batch of diapers which would have taken up too much space in our luggage (remember: luggage costs these days) and since we didn’t have a rental car we didn’t have to worry about how we would get all the food and other items once we were in Disney. (Eating a meal a day in our room saved us several hundred dollars on this trip!) And the water bottles, oh! What a savings there. Considering the cost of the bottles at the parks was usually over $2, our bottles saved us bundles. Just make sure you save your receipt and bring it with you. Just like at home, mistakes happen when you use Garden Grocer and you want to be sure that you aren’t charged for items that don’t make it to your room. (It happened to us. They credited us for 2 items right away, no questions asked, once I placed the call.)

A few notes about Garden Grocer: 

    • you’ll need to be sure to order at least 3 full days in advance of your arrival.
    • you don’t need to be present when your items arrive. Garden Grocer will deliver to your hotel and the hotel will refrigerate the items for you. Just call the bell service from your room and the food will be delivered.
    • there is a delivery fee (it was $12 in our case) and they request an [optional] tip.

Thanks to Baby K’tan for providing the sample for a future review. It will be reviewed on Mommies with Style in the next few weeks. This post contains affiliate links. We may make a few pennies if you click through and purchase something. So, thank you in advance.

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