Packing for a week at Disney

I’ve been watching the weather like a mad woman. Or an obsessed old man who stares at the Weather Channel each and every day. And, wouldn’ t you know, the expected highs range from 63 to 80 and we’ll have a day of rain, a day of heavy clouds and two days of sun, interspersed with nearly everything but snow?

Because we’re just going to have to roll with it, I’m packing in layers. I’ve been begging Middle to try on shorts from the summer stash and finally gave up and just packed a few different sizes. I expect for lots of changes. And that’s why I booked the Villas (all Villas at WDW include their own Washer/Dryer. Our’s will operate 24/7, just like at home.)

So, the plan, per boy: 2 pairs jeans, 1 pullover fleece (scored these for $3.46 each at Old Navy, we can just leave them in Florida), 1 sweatshirt, one poncho, 4 or 5 t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, 3 pairs socks, 1 pair swim trunks, sneakers, socks, underwear, pajamas (Big has all Disney underwear and Middle has all Disney PJs. Hmmm… not sure if big wearing his Disney underwear is a good thing. Note to self to remind him it is not okay to drop trou.)

Little will be bringing along a mix of outfits with leggings, t-shirts and fleece sweatshirts. She’s still easy to pack for. I did get a swimsuit for her. I’m sure, if I actually put it on her, it will fall right off. She’s so teeny.

Still getting my things together, but I’m planning to bring 2 pairs of shorts for me. I would much prefer wearing skirts, but I’m thinking that’s not too conducive to rides and walking at the parks. Otherwise, I’ll be living in jeans (2 pair) and capris (2 pair, one of them is jeans). For shoes, I’m looking to bring a pair of casual, fashion Nikes. I really wanted to get Privos, but I like the ones online so much better than those at Nordy’s right now and, well, just don’t have the time to order before we leave. For shirts I have a few cute t-shirts that I scored at Target and Old Navy. And some very trendy pull-over sweaters and tops. I’m keeping it cheap for this trip, shopping at Target and Old Navy. There’s really no need to get dressed up for this trip. Except for the one night we go to La Nouba on a date night (yay!), when I’ll wear the same outfit that I wore to Martha Stewart (this Beatrix Ost Pleated Waterfall Cardigan which I love).

Packing is nearly finished. Just a few more loads of laundry and we’ll be good to go.

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    As a fellow Floridian down here I can tell you the weather is screwy here in one week. It starts warm, a rainy squall moves through and bam! a cold front arrives, dropping the temps. Layers? Great plan! Also, do not forget all the Disney shirts you are going to be buying so that will fill in on any pieces you’re missing! Enjoy your vaca in the land of the mouse :)


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