Resolutions, sigh. Resolutions.


Wha a sorry word. Originally, it wasn’t. There are over 8 dictionary definitions, many with numerous parts. Its unfortunate for this word that when defined as “determination” it has picked up such a negative reputation. Really, how often do people keep up their resolutions? More specifically, their New Year‘s Resolutions?

For the first time ever, I did follow my resolution in 2009. I resolved to take better care of my skin by adopting a skin care routine. Every night for an entire year I washed my face in a several step program. I tested out a few different systems on both my body and my face. And after just a few weeks I found I didn’t need a reminder to do it, it easily became habit. In fact now, during the few nights that I skip the routine and go to bed, I return to my bathroom later because something feels wrong. I’m not clean and moisturized, so I need to fix it. My face and body look good and feel good.

I didn’t have to create a New Year’s Resolution to make myself adopt and follow a skin care regime, I could have done it at anytime. But every January its as if we’re forced to create a resolution.

I’ve noticed something about myself in the past few years. I’ve noticed that I don’t follow goals unless I make them public. That skin care regime? I told my husband, my sisters and a bunch of friends about it. So rather than a formal New Year’s Resolution, this year I’m creating two public goals:

  1. Our family will learn to put things away when we’re finished with them. Were not messy people but we don’t put away. I want to create this habit in my family when the kids are young.
  2. I plan to go to bed before midnight each night. I’m currently at about 50% on this one. Its only January, right? I have 11 more months to get it right.

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… sigh. Am I the only person who actually created one?!

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