Doing Many Good Things

It had been another late night with the baby and I climbed into bed to read myself to sleep around 1 am. Grabbed whatever I could find off the nightstand: Debbie Tenzer’s Do One Nice Thing looked interesting. I began reading, becoming inspired. The next morning, while watching Good Morning America, I recognized the irony. I started reading Do One Nice Thing on September 11, 2009.

As our daily routine began, I asked the kids to look out for nice things we did today. And as the day progressed we pointed them out to each other. It was amazing: just how many simple, nice things we do in a day. Holding the door for someone else, sharing our snack, saying “please” and “thank you,” and getting off the swing so someone else could get on were just a few of the “nice” opportunities we found.

Do One Nice Thing asks us to do any one nice thing, every Monday. It starts your week of strong. It makes you and others feel good, putting smiles on faces all around. And just like Paying it Forward, doing one nice thing is contagious. The book provides categorized, detailed descriptions of nice things you can do and the Do One Nice Thing website offers daily nice things (even some as easy, and free, as clicking to give.)

Like my kids, I recognized not that I needed to do one nice thing, but that I already was doing nice things. Infact, I was doing many nice things. And not just on Monday. Everyday.  Volunteering with PTO, preparing meals for friends in need, helping to jump a stranger’s car, watching a friend’s children when she needs a break. I’m not asking for applause, doing nice things is something we likely all do, every day. But taking the time to recognize is refreshing; it feels good. As well, taking the time to recognize that someone else did something good, left us with a feeling of wanting to do more.


This post was inspired by Debbie Tenzer’s Do One Nice Thing, the September 2009 book club selection for the SVMoms Group.

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