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I made a mistake tonight. A big one. With everything going on (beginning of school for the kids, the baby, the huz getting back on his regular work schedule, blogging, my store, birthday parties… shall I go on?) I missed season premieres. I’m now going to have to watch 90210 over the internet which is less than ideal when I could have seen it on my big screen while my husband worked and I fed the baby.

I’m NOT going to make that mistake with one of the season’s hottest new shows: CBS’ The Good Wife, starring Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth. The huz and I viewed the pilot a few weeks ago and we were immediately hooked. We actually resented being sent the pilot over the summer because it was too much of a big tease. We loved it. We wanted more. And instead of being told to wait a week for a new episode, we had to wait about 8 weeks. And with a scheduled September 22 premier dates, we’re still waiting.

Alicia (Margulies) was a fledgling lawyer before putting her career aside to be the wife of a politician (Noth) and raise her family. Several years later, when her husband admits to corruption, Alicia’s left to raise her family alone (though with the “help” of her MIL) while her husband fights his sentence in jail. Quickly hired by a competitive law firm, Alicia must be a wife, a mother and a lawyer required to fight to keep her job.

Its something I fear. Though I trust my non-political husband to never be corrupt, or cheat, or us have a problem big enough to send us through a spin quite as big as Alicia, I do recognize that having given up my career in education 6-and-a-half years ago, it won’t be easy to get back into it, should I ever need to. Alicia’s lucky. She has connections and is hired; perhaps if my life was a serial I, too, would win a high-paying position within a few days of looking. But the competition with the new, younger associates at the firm intimidate her, just as they may intimidate me as I would compete for a position against new teachers: who would you rather have represent you: A lawyer out of the court room for several years or one who just earned his JD, with a resume full of apprenticeships? A teacher who took 8 years off from teaching to stay home with just 3 children or a teacher who is fresh out of school, but has the experience of a student teaching position?

In addition to the competition, I fear the adjustment: I’ve lived life without a boss (if you don’t count my kids and husband as bosses), without a schedule that never changes, no homework, nothing keeping me from my family for hours at night. I’ve been to every milestone and large and small in the kids lives. Soccer game at 3 pm? No problem. Their biggest cheerleader will be there. And if the husband needs me to join him at a work dinner at 5 pm, I can drop everything, call a sitter and be his pleasant wife. But if I’m working, I’m on a set schedule, leaving at 7 am, returning home as late as 6, and on evenings with meetings even later. Its a change I’m terrified of making.

I look forward to watching Alicia and family adjust to their new routine, their struggles to suddenly enter this new world of a WOHM, and without the support of her husband. I’ll watch it for the competition in the firm. For the stress of the courtroom scenes. For more fast talk and deep thinking to determine how to solve a problem. I’ll watch for the smart script, Alicia’s strong character and quiet determination. I

And, really, I’ll watch because I’m already hooked.

Get hooked: check out the preview on CBS’ website.

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